8 Easy Steps To Clean Your Car Thoroughly Inside And Out

Do you have a car? A car always needs a lot of maintenance. Whether it’s the headlights, mirrors, the windows, or even the passenger car tires, you will need to maintain it all properly. So, the best way to do that is to clean your vehicle at least once a week. Here are 8 easy steps that will help you in the same.

There are some things that you will need to properly clean the in and out of your car. You must have a vacuum cleaner, a garden hose or a bucket, rags, window cleaner without ammonia, leather or vinyl cleaner. Make sure you have all these things before you start cleaning your vehicle.

You will need to empty your vehicle. Over time, you might have kept all kinds of things in there like newspapers, recyclables, trash, etc. Empty your car thoroughly of all these things. Then take out the necessary things that you keep in there and set them aside. This way, you will be able to clean all the surfaces. Lastly, take out the floor mats.

It is always better to start from the inside. Vacuum the seats and the floor of the car thoroughly. Don’t leave the center console, cup holder, and the pockets in the doors. These places tend to have a lot of dirt too. Move the seats if you have to and make sure you don’t miss any nook and crannies.

After vacuuming, you can start with the seats. Using your leather or vinyl cleaner, you can clean the seats. If the interior of your car has any kind of spots, stuck on grime, remove it with the cleaner. Make sure your leather does not get damaged anyway.

Next, move on to the exterior of the car. If you have a lot of space in your garage or wherever you are cleaning it, you can use a garden hose. But the safest way is to use a bucket. Fill the bucket with water and using the rags, wipe the vehicle clean. Change the water once it becomes too dirty. This way, you will also be saving a lot of water. It’s hard to keep track of how much water you are spending if you use a garden hose.

After cleaning the exterior, make sure you clean the passenger car tires too. To some people, it might seem pointless, but tires need cleaning too. You don’t need to use a rag and wash it by hand. Clean the rims of the wheels and lastly spray some water on them. Don’t spray too hard, otherwise, the whole vehicle might get dirty.

Keep the windows for last. You will need a glass cleaner to clean all the windows and the mirrors. Clean the inside of the windows horizontally and the outsides vertically.

If you have used a bucket and rag to clean your car it won’t take much time to dry the car. Once the floor mats are dry too put them back in the car. Arrange the interior of the car as it were before. Now, you are good to go. It will be shining from the inside and out as if it was new.

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