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Uganda Community Consensus Conference ended successfully

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1. AJM accelerates deepening of the African blockchain market: Uganda Community Consensus Conference ended successfully
Recently, AJM held a community consensus meeting in Uganda, which is also the “fire” of the blockchain 4.0 technology and AJM eco-contracts once again spread to Uganda. Under the leadership of Kenya Internet Society President, Associate Dean of the African Blockchain Association, internationally renowned lecturer and trainer ERIC OCHAKA OLUOCH, more than 30 local blockchain industry elites participated in the event.
2. Roman Beck, president of the European Blockchain Center, said that China attaches great importance to the blockchain and is worth learning in Europe.
3. Shi Yuzhu, chairman of Giant Network Group, said that the blockchain technology is not difficult to solve, and it is difficult to apply it to various scenarios.
4, BTC station on the 9800 US dollars 24H rose more than 7%.
5. Online game service provider RPGStash accepts Bitcoin Diamond (BCD) payments.
6. Gate.io BTM has the world’s first transaction volume within 24 hours, an increase of 111%
7, 2019 Trusted Block Chain Summit will be held in Beijing on November 8th
8. Professor Bei Weide, a professor of Beihang University: The Internet will become a cross-link network in the future. The overall infrastructure will change greatly.

Market analysis:
Crazy, Bitcoin may have a chance of 3,000 dollars this week!

The deep currency circle is a trial and error process every day!
The transaction itself is constantly trying to make a mistake. The trial and error is to learn how to die!

With the BTC bull market signal blowing, many people can’t help but scream! Based on this, Xiao Bian still recommends that everyone maintain a peace of mind, and then conduct long-term investment after winning the voucher. For the medium and long-term strategy, the “wait” is still the main!

Everyone knows the truth, but some people can’t control how many (self)!

Fear and greed are like two swords, which easily control their own behaviors and decisions. When they are aware that they are out of control, they are already unable to return to heaven. So, how can we overcome fear and greed after a good release?

Below, Xiaobian gives you a few tricks:
1, 2 hour level trading plan

a. 2 hours to break through the downtrend line and the consolidation range, the previous short-term profit or stop loss;
b. Set the stop loss point of 7400 and chase multiple entry points;
c. After entering the market, set the take profit point in batches, firstly near the first pressure level 7900; second pressure level near 8800; after the first pressure position take profit, put the final closing price around 7900, assuming the market is not as good as Expected that it is impossible to break through the second pressure level and directly fall below the 7900 take profit; then the transaction is completed;
d. If your trading plan scores are profitable, set the final closing price in turn, and take profit only.
e. Therefore: the transaction is such a process of continuous trial and error, do not expect that every transaction can make money, but in the trial and error to achieve the death to death (with the smallest stop loss for the maximum profit).

2, daily line level
If the stop loss point is set at the 2 hour level, the profit stop point can be batched;

So the next operational strategy is simple:
A. Short-term, observe whether there is a top divergence in the MACD for 4 hours between today and tomorrow. If there is a chance of short-term, there must be a stop-loss stop.
B. The medium and long-term lines continue to wait for opportunities. The opportunities are as follows:
a. 2 hours level head
Two conditions for an empty single entry: 2 hours level head + drop below the downtrend line

Short-term target price can refer to the CME daily line gap gap, near 7700.

b. The daily line level breaks through the buying point

More than a single entry point, 8700 ~ 8800 break through the establishment point can not be broken.

Can refer to the 2 hour level of the bottom of the purchase point;

If the main force breaks the bottom and buys the point, then the space above can refer to the gap above the CME, near 11800.

That is to say, if the market appears in this week, there may be a big fluctuation of up to 3,000 US dollars. When the contract market is on the side of the corpse, the side is the club.

[Disclaimer] The above contents are all from the network, for reference only, not as investment advice, according to this operation, at your own risk!

End of the article:
There are mountains that can’t go to the top
Only people who can’t find a way
The trend is right for everything. I believe that we need to persist and persist in gaining. The strategy of trading is not static, people who understand do not need to explain, and those who need explanation should be patient.

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