Announcement for status of pre-mined 37 million Seek

We are pleased that the Seekchain main-network have officially launched on November 15, 2019

Seekchain without any-ICOs. But some seek coins are pre-mined, accounting for 3.8% of the total supply (a total of 37 million); this part of the pre-mined Seek is mainly stored in the following two addresses:

1# address: 0x5fef809034a99897aabc161235c3bb0e625aa9e2

2# address: 0xd549c2f49734430016e9758b6f804d1d43ebd47c

Now, the total number of Seek coins in the above address is 30,913,961.1821. It’s mean, 6,086,038.8179 was used.

The usage history as following:

1. During the development of Seekchain, we have received the support of professional miners teams from Singapore, Seoul-Korea, and Dongguan-China. We selected them. As the genesis team of Seekchain, we released a total of 3.5 million Seekchains to the two miner groups after constructing the first transaction. (Due to hard fork upgrade of the main-network process on November 20, this transaction can no longer be queried, and all Seek coins have transfered into in the burning address)

2. Submitted to Hoo Exchange, a total of 2,000,000 Seeks coins, including the listing fee, service fees (including the provision of liquidity, the use of media announcement resources, etc.).

3. Used to pay for the promotion of Seekchain on Coiness, Coinpan, and Bit-man. A total of 129,857 Seeks lasted for six months.

4. For the pre-use of the Blue Plan development team, they will be responsible for deploying the DeFi application they are making to Seekchain within six months. So far, we have paid a total of 409,200 Seeks.

5. In our internal testing process, it is used for testing mining, receiving and sending, and creating contracts, etc., consuming a total of 40,000.

6. We used 6,900 Seek coins in the Korean community, which was completed during our first Meetup in Seoul, South Korea.

Fair, open and transparent Seekchain


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