As we all know, digital currencies were designed for the sole purpose of eliminating the constraints on fiat currencies and hence making the financial system better.

But, have digital currencies lived up to their expectations? do they provide a use-case or are they just another store of value which interests only investors?

These questions are a web of thoughts which have continued to roam the mind of users and is probably one of the major reasons why there is yet to be a global acceptance and use of any particular digital currency.

Nonetheless; AXE having recognized these questions and reconciled with the facts have put in priceless efforts into the providing of a use-case and utility-based digital currency which guarantees users of countless possibilities when it came to what they can do with AXE.

#Brick and Mortar stores

With the increasing amount of AXE users globally, AXE is focused on providing her users with the ability to spend AXE in the purchasing of their respective day-to-day products and services at brick and mortar stores. Currently, AXE has an interesting amount of merchants in Bangladesh, China, Ukraine, Russia, Nigeria, Brazil and Ghana; growing the usability of AXE significantly.


As consumer appetite and satisfaction takes a great shift from the conventionality that surrounded brick and mortar stores to the look and feel provided by online stores, numerous online-stores keep emerging with various methodologies to ensure consumer satisfaction.

AXE, having connected the dots and realized the importance of ensuring its users are not deprived of the experience of utilizing their AXE in the purchasing of goods and services from online stores, has partnered with mobilepaycoin; a company which provides a decentralized online store where AXE users globally can purchase various goods.

#Staking and Masternode

In a bid to expand the utility of Axe and provide users with a more financially rewarding system, Axe provides a staking and masternode system which allow AXE users globally to engage in the stability of the features built upon the Axe network; InstantSend and PrivateSend. This service to the network attracts a reward from the network to all participants; meaning Axe gives all users the room to earn without strenuous commitment.

Axe continues to explore other blockchain-based utilities to adopt to its network to guarantee there are no limits to the use-cases it provides. This has put Axe in the path to develop and adopt within its network a Decentralized Applications building environment (Dapps) which will enable developers to build various kinds of application software on the Axe blockchain.

Surely there was no better time to join the Axe community than now. Welcome to Axe!

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