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As social creatures, humans today are never immune from the use of a smartphone. Who does not know these sophisticated and sophisticated tools today. Everyone will definitely use a smartphone in his life. The use of a tool that is the result of innovation from Antonio Meucci’s work is intended with a variety of purposes. The current use of a smartphone is sometimes limited to audio-visual communication tools between a consumer and his family or close relatives. There is also the use of a smartphone on this platform functioned as a social media where every young generation of this century, will post a number of moments of their lives to be distributed and witnessed widely by all residents on earth. In addition, a smartphone can also function as a facilitator of a number of economic activities carried out by people of this century.

With the current smartphone usage getting stronger nowadays, there have been a number of names of electronic device vendors such as Samsung, Iphone, Blackberry, Nokia and so on. These vendors continue to provide change and innovation in every release of their latest products. The same thing happened to a new smartphone named BOB. This smartphone is the first and only smartphone in the world that has used Blockchain technology. In addition, recently BOB has also managed to get a CES award with the best Innovation category in 2020. The technology used in a BOB has a very rare performance system. A working system that is carried by this technology provides a freedom of access for every smartphone user in managing their data assets stored on this platform. This feature is an interesting feature that will not be found on other smartphones. On a common platform, a data system owned by a user can be regulated by an authority that is owned by the government or an internet service provider, so that personal data owned by someone can be easily regulated by government authority.

In terms of hardware specifications, BOB has been equipped with a number of very maximum components. A minimum design of a BOB uses 6 GB of RAM with 64 GB of ROM (Read Only Memory). This platform has also been equipped with a Snapdragon 660 type processor, a processor that has fierce performance. This platform has also brought a new applied concept in producing its platform in the form of a DIY (Do It Yourself) feature where each user can personalize a BOB phone according to the design he wants.

In terms of software, smartphone made by the Function X platform is also no less superior. BOB has provided a feature named OS F (X). This feature has a very good operational principle and has never been used by other vendors on a cellphone that was released. This feature creates a dual function service on BOB where a BOB can be used in normal Android mode and can also be used in Blockchain Mode. In Android mode, this smartphone has the look and way of working like an Android smartphone in general. However, when this smartphone has been switched to Blockchain mode, every application, image, video, byte or Byte contained on this smartphone will be on a distributed network.

At present a BOB can only be purchased by “Pre Order” through the Function X platform’s official website at The pre order period for this smartphone will be opened starting November 30, 2019. A BOB that has been ordered will be sent in a MOD Assembly Kit package containing standard components such as the Mother Board, Display Screen, Camera, Audio Speaker Parts, Keyboard and some simple accessories to personalize. The first BOB that will be sent to each buyer has a Futuristic Retro Sci-Fi design that can then be personalized according to their creativity. A BOB user can purchase a number of accessories or other parts through the official website of the Function X platform. On an initial BOB order, the buyer is also given the option to submit additional components of a BOB that he will receive. A perfect form of personalization shown by BOB becomes a new spirit for a prospective BOB user in creating a BOB that he will use.






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