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As the Tokenbox team rapidly develops the platform, TBX utility tokens will be soon ready to be used for creating and launching cryptocurrency funds.

Current release contains a very important feature for traders.
Tokenbox now lets users track their trading efficiency with a designated service of trading accounts’ statistics.

Firstly, every change of profitability of a trading account can be tracked every 24 hours (starting 00:00 UTC). This is what we call Daily Performance indicator.

Secondly, we calculate profitability of an account since it’s been created (starting with this release). Lifetime Performance indicator reflects the acquired profitability and is shown as a chart on the Accounts screen.

Thirdly, we created another important indicator, which is Max Drawdown. It’s a maximum level of account’s profitability loss that was ever detected.

In order to better understand this indicator we’ll give you an example: a trader reached 15% return in 2 weeks, but after that his return went down to 8%. Max Drawdown in this case would be 7%. After that the trader reached 38% return, but then again it went down to 25%. Now Max Drawdown would refresh — it’s not 7%, but 13% throughout the whole trading history.

Every trading efficiency indicator is being calculated given the amount of funds deposited and withdrawn, which gives Tokenbox users the most accurate and important analytics of their returns and profitability.

But wait, there’s more.

We get a lot of applications from traders and investors willing to buy TBX tokens for launching their own funds. Unfortunately, as they rightfully note, liquidity of Hotbit and Yobit exchanges would not allow to buy enough TBX tokens.

We are absolutely against fake liquidity and fake turnover.

Therefore, the Tokenbox team decided to add a feature of buying TBX tokens directly on the platform. Every registered user can now purchase a substantial amount of TBX tokens for a market price, not moving the market price level of supply.

TBX tokens are sold via Tokenbox wallet only. Current price in USD will be reflected there along with an option to choose the amount of tokens and currency that they’d bought for (BTC, ETH, LTC, and BCH), and the exact amount of funds spent in USD.

No commission fee is charged when buying TBX tokens on the platform!

Minimum spend — 300 TBX. After the purchase, the amount of tokens bought will be transferred to the user’s wallet.

Don’t wait until the price goes up! Hurry up and buy!

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Also if you are a TBX holder, you can enjoy lower trading fees when trading on Tokenbox. TBX tokens are worth buying anyway.

If your wallet contains less than 10,000 TBX — the trading commission is calculated by default, 0.2% for orders of any type.

Less than 10 000: 0.2% fee. 10 000–25 000: 0.18% fee. 25 000–35 000: 0.14% fee. 35 000 or more: 0.10% fee

Our platform now provides 29 trading pairs, each of them enjoying nice liquidity and easy to work with for traders with any capital. As a quick reminder, we are going to add new trading in Q1 2020. We ensure that our clients are trading with the high-quality digital assets only, liquidity and investment attractiveness of which are unquestionable.

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