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Dear Dcoin Users,

On the occasion of the New Year 2020, in return for the continued support of users for Dcoin, Dcoin will launch a CBE Trading Tournament With 20,000 CBE Giveaway. Go to trade

The detail of the tournament is as follows:

Competition Content: During the competition, users with a trading volume of up to 7,000 CBE can participate in the trading volume ranking activity and win rewards. Trading volume = buy + sell (excluding self-trading). There are 3 sessions in total, and each session lasts for 2 days. After the end of each session, it will automatically enter the next one. For example, 2020/01/13 6:00 ~ 2020/01/15 6:00 (UTC) is the first phase, and so on.

Time: 2020/01/13 6:00 ~2020/01/19 6:00 (UTC)

Rewards of Each Session:

RankingRewardsTop 11,200 CBETop 21,000 CBETop 3800 CBETop 4700 CBETop 5600 CBETop 6~7500 CBETop 8~9300 CBETop 10100 CBE

For each session, users whose trading volume reaches 7,000 CBE but who are not ranked in the top 10 will divide 800 CBE (less than one CBE will not be issued) according to the proportion of trading volume in the total trading volume (the top 10 trading volumes are excluded).


1. All users of Dcoin who have completed KYC verification can participate in this competition.

2. The rewards will be issued within 7 working days after the end of the competition.

3. During the competition, if there is malicious brushing behavior, the qualification will be cancelled.

4. The final interpretation of the competition is owned by Dcoin.

Project Introduction

Project name: The Chain Of Business Entertainment

Token symbol: CBE

The Chain Of Business Entertainment is based on The Internet Of things technology and blockchain technology , it can provide global connectivity value network infrastructure services and platform. CBE bases on the underlying technology of IPFS mechanism and Dpos consensus, try to make three big systems as DAPP framework system, the IoT platform system and block chain system. CBE has developed intelligent game applications, distributed mall preliminary form contract, it can also be applied to vertical social, tourism, real estate, transportation, medical treatment, and so on. CBE Tries to improve the traditional commercial circulation, construction of the future commercial value consensus, and build a new world of global connectivity.Details


White Paper

Risk warning: cryptocurrency investment is subject to high market risk. Please make your investments cautiously.

Dcoin Global Operation Team

13th January 2020

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