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Contributors: Sherry_Ye, Typto

This is a complete guide to DAOSquare, hopefully you can get a general idea of DAOSquare through it!

Until we discover more possibilities for DAOSquare, DAOSquare is of the following three forms.

Life is not as good as we expect it to be, and I’m sure many of you feel that. The world today is like The Modern Age, we go about our day like crazy without knowing what we’re up to.

We used to think we could change our lives and even the world. But we have to admit that we are just dust in the universe.

The Internet world has left little chance for those of us who are participants in the post-Internet era. Whether you’re a startup or an office worker, whether you’re a developer or an artist, or any other profession. However, the emerging crypto world has created plenty of opportunities and endless imagination for us.

We hope that DAOSquare can grow into a real community in the crypto world, just like MetaCartel, bringing together people from different fields all over the world. We welcome people who are lost, anxious, confused, unwilling to be ordinary; those who are enthusiastic, positive, fun, ingenious, dare to think, dare to act, to go to the crypto world together to find the opportunity to succeed, to accomplish what everyone wants to do but has not yet done.

  • Do what we love
  • Do what values
  • Do what we can obtain something fruitful

The community embodies a common interest or a common culture, or, a belief in the same values. Community also carries an energy of love in a material world that either ignores each other or eats away at each other.

Community allows us to support each other, make mutual achievements, and work together to do something valuable for our own future, and the future of our community.

Remember the story of the rice on a 64-square chessboard? DAOSquare and the rice on a 64-square chessboard

Through it we hope to convey the notion that the power of the individual is small, but when people unite, it creates the Square effect, which becomes infinitely powerful, like 64 grains of rice, shocking the world. And in the process, Square is not only about the DAOSquare community, but also about everyone’s recognition², thinking², creativity².

That’s why we named DAOSquare’s Token RICE.

If you want to go fast, go alone;

If you want to go far, go together.

This is the aphorism of MetaCartel, which also belongs to DAOSquare because, well, DAOSquare is a chocolate lantern pepper cultivated in the MetaCartel pepper garden.

Check out the latest brand profile about DAOSquare!

We are taking MetaCartel’s spiritual culture to the east, to let more people know and join MetaCartel Universe, to spread MetaCartel Chili all over the world!

It’s especially important that DAOSquare is commercially targeted.

Only commercial success can make the DAOSquare community sustainable and help every community member achieve a better life.

Only commercial success is likely to show hope to more commuters who don’t want to go to work, and to more entrepreneurs who have been turned away by angel investor.

Only commercial success will make it possible to get more people to join the DAO, launch the DAO, and thus accelerate the social outreach of the DAO and solve more social problems.

This is DAOSquare’s mission.

Currently, We are discussing DAOSquare’s commercial projects with community members, including DAO connector, art market, etc.

The difference with traditional companies, this commercial objective is driven by the DAOSquare community and its business outcomes will belong to each of the contributors involved (the distribution of benefits will be addressed in the Token Economic Model presentation).

Specific information about DAOSquare’s business plan can be found in our business plan.

In this regard, MetaCartel is still worth learning from, as the MetaCartel community has grown into one of the most vibrant communities in the Ethereum ecosystem and even the crypto world, while also helping a large number of community members achieve their business goals.

The rise of the personal brand means an awakening of personal awareness and values.

We’re glad to have seen a lot of cases (especially post-95s) of commuters giving up their corporate life to try freelancer or start a business, and more and more people are talking about the idea of ‘work for yourself, not for others’.

However, we still face the dilemma of resource-isolated island, and entrepreneurship is difficult in large part because we are on our own.

So we want to use the group advantage and resource network of the DAOSquare community to help and cultivate talented, capable and aspiring artists, entrepreneurs, and practitioners launch their personal brands and businesses, and support their growth by giving finance and resources.

Finally, we want everyone who joins the DAOSquare community to feel at ease and happy. Life makes having fun more and more extravagant, let’s have fun together!

Let’s have fun and do something worthwhile together!

The DAOSquare community is based on an open, borderless ‘square (or continent)’, and the many DAOs that make up this ‘continent’. It looks like this.

The continent stands for “square” and DAO with various types and functions is like a wide variety of neighborhoods and residences. Anyone can freely enter and exit the square, subject to the basic DAOSquare conventions. But each DAO will have its own access criteria.

But at the moment DAOSquare is in the Genesis phase, so it seems like this.

It feels a bit like a ‘New World’ 🤣 This drive-in cinema is the first Genesis DAO on this continent: the DAOSquare Comunity DAO (DCD).

So, at this stage, DAOSquare’s map looks like this.

DAOSquare Community DAO (DCD) is DAOSquare’s creator designer and building force. It is pooling its resources to build the infrastructure of the DAOSquare ecosystem so that more people land one after another, grow, thrive, and start their own DAO.

As such, the DAOSquare Community DAO is the building and governance unit of DAOSquare and the core driver of the DAOSquare community and business plan.

People are our raw energy, and we want to take full advantage of that.

People on the continent of DAOSquare are mainly composed of three basic characters: missionaries, mercenaries, and merchants.

Missionaries are the people with the deepest faith. They deeply understand and identify with DAOSquare’s vision and values, and drive the realization of DAOSquare’s vision and values through their actions. Usually, members of the DCD fall into this category.

We need to strike!

We need a stronger fight!

It is clear that missionary power alone is not enough for the success of DAOSquare, we need more and stronger forces to build and promote DAOSquare together.

They are good enough and experienced enough to accept the mechanisms by which DAOSquare operates and are happy to be involved in DAOSquare-related work, though they will be slightly weaker than missionaries in terms of vision and value identity and, perhaps, they are ranger to various communities.

Usually, community contributors fall into the mercenary role.

Merchants, who often enter communities for profit, have likewise energized the DAOSquare ecology, driving DAOSquare on another level, are essential roles and a vital part of DAOSquare.

People who buy and trade RICE are typical of the merchant role.

DAOSquare is open, and if something about DAOSquare appeals to you, you’re welcome to land on DAOSquare in your Mayflower, but before we do that, let’s get to know the following

· DAOSquare Convention ·

Openness, freedom, equality, mutual respect, mutual support, sharing, win-win


No matter what kind of role you belong to, you better have a basic knowledge of DAO, otherwise why are you here? So, first you will encounter our inquiry.

  • Why are you interested in DAO?
  • Talk about your thoughts on DAO!

This is an open-book exam question, feel free to Google!


This is a plus, not a must.

1. If DAOSquare excites you, please let more people know through the following ways.

  • Moments
  • Twitter/telegram group/Discord channel/more
  • blogs/podcasts/Tik Tok
  • run around telling people

2. If you want to do something for DAOSquare, there are several ways to start.

  • Contribute content, original articles, translated articles, podcasts, videos, etc. that meet DAOSquare’s needs (we’ll pay you RICE according to standards and rules)
  • Provide leads that meet the above contents’ needs

3. if you endorse and are bullish on DAOSquare, there’s a simplest and most brutal way to do it, to buy a few RICE!

Anyway, get your specialty out and show us your passion!

You — — gotta — — live — — !

It’s really important to be alive, both in the real world and in community. So, for your sake, and for the sake of the community, please stay alive!

About how to stay alive in the real world, I think your experience is enough to keep you going. Here is the guide to how to survive in the community.

  • Let others see that you’re alive!
  • Don’t let the others forget you!
  • Don’t let yourself forget about you!

As hilarious as it sounds, the truth is this: Community exists because of people, not groups.

Stay alive, folks!

We truly hope that everyone who logs on to DAOSquare has something to do instead of idling, which will rust yourselves and the community. At this stage, DAOSquare is working on two parts.

  • Community infrastructure, that is, the story we mentioned above about the construction of that continental map.
  • Business plan, global DAO connector build.

We will gradually release each part of the bounty mission according to the real-time progress, and recruit interested partners, please pay close attention to our bounty announcement.

That’s right, there are no words like” work” or “going to work” in DAOSquare, let’s get you excited!

Of course, if you see anything that DAOSquare should do, but hasn’t done yet, please bring it up and start a bounty proposal! (Bounty proposals can be submitted on our GitHub bounty board, following the template format).

All gains made at DAOSquare are RICE, for an introduction to RICE, see Introduction to RICE. We’ll provide initial circulation as soon as possible, but if you’re bullish on the long-term growth value of DAOSquare, or if you’re looking to gain governance and distribution rights to DAOSquare, then we recommend you to hold it.

We are in the process of formulating a specific standard for earnings, and we will publish it as soon as possible and seek your comments.

Time + Quality = Reliability

This is the only principled constraint on DAOSquare.

Time, which represents our agreed time to complete the quest, also known as Deadline, and time includes bounty quests and all other time commitments, even a certain appointment mentioned in casual conversation. All in all, time is especially valuable for both DAOSquare and everyone else, plan your time and get it done in time!

Of course, we can’t avoid those irresistible forces, but it’s important to be timely and to communicate with the relevant coordinators in advance.

Quality, meaning we deliver to an agreed standard, and I’m sure no one wants to come up with something that’s pretty bad, the community is open and transparent, so many eyes are staring….

1 — Publishment

From time to time, we will post bounty requests on the Bounties channel in the DAOSquare community (Discord), requests as follows.

  • Bounty content
  • Acceptance inspection criteria
  • Completion time
  • Award criteria

If you have a bounty proposal, please go to our GitHub Bounty unit to follow the template submission and post it on the Bounties channel in the DAOSquare community (Discord) (see the Bounty Proposal Submission Guide for the process).

2 — Claim

Claim your bounty on the Bounties channel in the DAOSquare community (Discord) by.

Reply Bounty Announcement, Reply: Claim.

We’ll be in touch with you first time and hand over the bounty mission.

3- Strike

Grab your bounty list, head for your prey, and run wild! Remember to return with your prey at the appointed time.

4 — Submit POC

In order to reduce the time costs for the personnel involved, we uniformly settle RICE at the end of the month. The last day of the month is POC submission day.

POC, Proof of Contribute, a community contribution settlement mechanism designed by DAOSquare. To make the distribution of benefits more equitable through self-submission and self-assessment.

More information on POC can be found in the POC Template.

5 — Assessment

The DAO Fund Assessment Committee (DFAC) reviews all POCs for the month and publishes them to reach a final consensus.

6 — Distribution of RICE

Wait for the RICE to rise in your wallet!

In the previous text, we’ve learned about DCD, and perhaps some potential missionaries are going to jump at the chance!

For detailed information on the DCD, please refer to the DAOSquare Community DAO Guide, here are a few brief additions

  • By entering DCD, you own the governance of the DAOSquare community
  • By entering DCD, you own a share of the DAOSquare business plan

Please refer to the DCD’s Join and Exit Guide for a detailed join and exit process.

That’s all of the DAOSquare complete guide, do you have a clear outline? If you haven’t already, that’s okay, please find out more by.

Community access:

Wechat group: Add Typto-DAOSquare

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