CXXPRO Review — Etherum Decentralized Earnings Exchange — Daily Interests

CXXPRO Exchange takes away the hard part of crypto dividends. Highest 33% Buy And Sell Dividends — Earn Etherum — Daily Interests. The CXX Exchange pays CXX Token holders 66% dividends through total trading volume. Holders receive their ETH divs proportionally and instantly, relative to the total CXX circulating supply.


Through a combination of computer science and mathematics, The CXX Exchange smart contract efficiently distributes dividend payments on the Ethereum blockchain.

  1. Hold ETH: Send to a Web 3.0 wallet like MetaMask or Trust Wallet
  2. Purchase CXX: You will receive CXX for ETH and pay the 33% div fee to all token holders.
  3. Earn Dividends: Any new buy or sell will trigger you to receive dividend in your earnings.
  4. Reinvest Dividends: Reinvest ETH dividends for more CXX Tokens and increase your overall percentage of the supply.
  5. Withdraw Dividends: Withdraw ETH directly to your wallet, the Smart Contract does the hard part.
  6. Earn Consistent ETH: All dividends are paid in Ethereum only. Simple and transparent.

Holding onto CXX Tokens means you are continuously being distributed “free” Ethereum every single time any other user of the exchange buys, sells or transfers CXX tokens. Many holders often report earnings between 0.05%-2% of their holdings on a daily basis, though this fluctuates heavily based on transaction volume.

The Ethereum you enter into the system isn’t being held by any person or group. The Ethereum in the exchange is handled only by a production open-source Ethereum smart contract. No critical bugs have been found in over 2 years.

Nothing is guaranteed, and doubly so in cryptocurrency. Undiscovered hacks, stagnation, or panic selling could all be major risk factors when holding CXX tokens.

DO NOT use exchanges or you risk losing all of your deposit. First transfer it to an Ethereum wallet. Use Metamask / Etherscan on Desktop, or Coinbase, Trust Wallet.

Hardcoded into the contract, each buy/sell will increase/decrease the CXX price by .00000001 ETH.

Please give it a few minutes for the transaction to process on the blockchain. If it still is pending, try increasing the gas limit on the transaction.

The mechanics of the exchange include 33% at buys and 33% at sells , effectively agreeing to a ~66% tax of your Ethereum when entering into the CXX Exchange smart contract.

On purchase, note that you have only had a 33% tax applied. However, the full 66% tax is reflected in the your “Holdings”

Please ensure you have logged into Metamask, and turned off any Ad Blockers that could interfere with the exchange. If you have multiple wallets, make sure you are logged into the right address.

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