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Water is the source of life, that’s the phrase that is often spoken by most people. How not, the fact is that the entire life of a living creature does need water as a place to depend. Human animals and even plants need water to be able to continue to grow and survive. In the modern world today, there are other things besides water that are needed by humans to be able to run their wheels of life, which is a source of electricity. Electrical power has become something very primary in the lives of people throughout the world today. Just imagine, a hotel company needs a certain amount of electricity to be able to run all of the equipment and facilities of its hotel, a banking company also needs a large amount of electricity to power all of their sophisticated machines to operate in managing finances and a platform also really needs resources electric power as the main power for the operation of all systems.

Along with world growth which is changing from time to time, making the population increase every day. In most developed countries, the percentage of the population each year is at a very rapid pace. For example the United States, the population of this country in 2019 totaled 331,904,000 inhabitants where a very clear difference was seen with the population from the previous year which was only at 326,625,791 people. With the population that continues to grow, automatically the supply of electricity resources that must be provided by the government must also be on a large enough scale because electricity probelamatika is something that is very crucial. Even though the electricity source has been provided by the government in each country does not guarantee access to electricity covers the entire territory of a country, the proof is that there are still countries that are currently experiencing a crisis of electricity resources such as Chad which only provides electricity access to 6.4% of the population the people. Why did it happen? One of the causes of the unstable condition is the minimal number of power plants in a country and this can be predicted due to the crisis of the country’s economic industry to build a power plant.

It is well known that gas is one of the most abundant raw materials on the surface of the earth besides oil. Most of the countries in the world have the largest supply of natural gas on the surface of the earth, one of them Nigeria and Algeria, both of which are on the African Continent. By seeing the condition of electricity as a primary need and combined with the current situation that is in the development of technology, making scholars create a new, modern project called Gigajoule Floating Solution.

This project is a new breakthrough in the electricity industry that has used the latest technology system called Blockhchain which is a technology that has the highest level of popularity at this time. This technology works with a decentralized system and encryption, where decentralization means that all control over access to an asset is held fully by the person without any third party interference while encryption means that the protection provided by this technology is at a strong level of protection.

Gigajoule Floating Solution is a power plant project initiated by reliable idealists who use natural gas as raw material and the territorial waters as its foundation area. This power plant project works with a gas turbine installed on a barge that floats on water and can be placed in a lagoon area. with the condition of the earth’s surface which is largely dominated by the ocean makes this tool can be used in any country through waterway access.

This gas power plant has also been equipped with a turbine with fairly sophisticated conditions. The turbine used by this project is a Siemens SGT-A65 gas turbine which is a turbine using an aeroderivative engine. Machines like this are usually used as aircraft engines, but now there are many industrial sectors that have used this tool. This is because the capabilities possessed by this tool are fairly good and the maintenance process is very easy. An aeroderivative turbine can produce electric power in the range of 8–25 Megawatts. Besides the start-up time needed by this tool is only in a very short span of time and this tool also has a principle of good tolerance to the stop-go activity of a turbine that is very functioning for balancing a fluctuation of the load that is on a turbine.

The Gigajoule Floating Solution project invites all people of the world to work with them in overcoming problems in the world electricity access sector which is a very poor condition. For idealists who want to join this project can access through the site www.gigajoule.io. This project is expected to be a solution in overcoming the electricity access crisis in various parts of the world.

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