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EvolV is a new ERC-20 token from the WolfpackBOT team. Expanding beyond that, EvolV is an ERC-20 token and smart contract equipped with a built-in decentralized exchange, which handles the buying and selling of the token. The EvolV Ecosystem includes built-in referral dividends and volume based staking dividends for all token holders, along with use cases that give the EvolV token true utility.

The EvolV Ecosystem is built around the concept of volume backed basic income, paid in Ethereum to all EvolV holders.

It’s a complex system, but it’s all managed by an immutable smart contract.

Every time EvolV is purchased, you receive an Ethereum dividend.

Every time EvolV is sold, you receive an Ethereum dividend.

Basic income is a system similar to Social Security, in which all citizens of a country receive a set amount of money on a regular basis. While the concept has only reached mainstream appeal in the last few years, the idea of a form of Universal Basic Income has a long history which can be traced through a variety of important historical voices, including civil rights leader Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., economist Milton Friedman, and United States Founding Father and philosopher, Thomas Paine.

We believe that cryptocurrency has a role to play in bringing this humanity empowering idea to life. In our model, each EvolV token is equal to one share of EvolV citizenship. The Ethereum dividends are distributed evenly across EvolV tokens each time there’s a buy or sell.

The goal of the EvolV Ecosystem is to create a volume backed passive income ecosystem by incorporating a 15% value added tax (or VAT) on all EvolV buys, and a 10% Value Added tax on all EvolV sells.

Every time that EvolV is bought or sold through the smart contract internal exchange via wolfpackbot.com, this tax will be distributed as a dividend payment in Ethereum to all of the holders of the EvolV token based on the number of EvolV tokens that each EvolV user holds, creating a sustainable source of liquid cryptocurrency income for as long as people buy, sell, trade, or use EvolV to purchase EvolV products and services.

EvolV is an ERC-20 token that can be bought and sold through the smart contract’s internal exchange on Github at https://wolfpackbot.github.io/SmartContract/. Note that you will need to install Metamask in order to interact with the smart contract’s internal exchange.

Every time EvolV is bought or sold through the internal exchange the corresponding value added tax will be dispersed across all of the EvolV tokens.

Each time there is an EvolV purchase, the price of EvolV will increase by 0.000000001 ETH for each EvolV token purchased. Each time EvolV is sold, the price of EvolV will decrease by 0.000000001 ETH. The price is frozen for the user at the time of each transaction, with a 10 percent tariff being collected and distributed — in Ethereum — across all of the tokens. Each purchase will also include a referral fee of 5% which will be paid directly to the referrer.

Ethereum dividends can be withdrawn at any time or reinvested to gain more EvolV and receive a larger share of the value added tax. The rises and falls in the price of EvolV are a never-ending simulation of the cryptocurrency market overall with the goal of the game being to collect more Ethereum dividends based on the amount of EvolV you hold.

All of this is managed by an immutable smart contract.

The EvolV Ecosystem

A smart contract is a coded and programmed self-executing contract on the decentralized Ethereum blockchain network. The smart contract handles all the Ethereum and tokens autonomously without any form of human input, with calculations and functions being confirmed across thousands of computers before they are run.

The Ethereum pool is in essence a social security system inside the EvolV smart contract that funds EVOLV sells. Each time EvolV is sold to the pool, a 10% value added tax is added that is distributed to all EvolV holders. The Ethereum Pool funds the EvolV “social security” system. All Ethereum received for EvolV purchases as well as a staggered percentage of funding received for WolfpackBOT subscriptions will fund the Ethereum pool.

The percentage of revenue from WolfpackBOT subscriptions that the WolfpackBOT/EvolV team uses to purchase EvolV will be based on how much funding is in the pool.

*Percentages for EvolV purchases from WolfpackBOT subscription revenue are:

50% when the pool funding is below 200 ETH
25% when the pool funding is between 200 and 500 ETH
10% when the pool funding is above 500 ETH

In addition to being its own volume backed basic income system, EvolV will also serve as a method of payment for ALL WolfpackBOT and EvolV products and services.

EvolV can be exchanged for WolfpackBOT credit and be used to pay for WolfpackBOT Cryptocurrency Trading Software subscriptions. Additionally, EvolV will also be accepted as a form of payment for:

  • The upcoming Wolfpack Trading Academy
    50% of WolfpackBOT Trading Academy revenue will also go toward funding the Ethereum pool (subject to change)
  • The Wolfpack VIP Club
    Includes Exclusive WolfpackBOT Beta Access
  • Exclusive insider strategy discussions
  • Early access to new WolfpackBOT strategies
  • EvolV and WolfpackBOT promotional merchandise.
  • Any future Wolfpack/EvolV products and services.

As the EvolV Ecosystem expands, each additional use case will bring more EvolV purchases, leading to more Ethereum dividends being paid out. These use cases bring true utility to the EvolV ecosystem, helping to build volume and ensure a steady stream of Ethereum dividends for all Evolv holders.


Every time EvolV is purchased, 100% of the EvolV amount purchased will be minted. Each time EvolV is sold, 100% of the EvolV amount sold will be burned.

Also, for a limited time, 50% of the Evolv used to pay for bot subscriptions will be burned.

This is to keep the circulating supply relatively balanced, increasing the amount of Ethereum dividends paid out to all EvolV holders.

You bet!

The EvolV Ecosystem is engineered to thrive on active community support and involvement; therefore, we are implementing a very generous referral program. 5% of each EvolV referral purchase will be paid directly to the referrer in Ethereum. That’s right, each time someone joins the ecosystem using your referral link, you will receive 5% of every purchase amount that they make — paid in Ethereum, every time they use your referral link, FOREVER!

In other words, each time your referee makes a purchase using your referral link, you as the referrer will receive a 5% referral bonus paid directly in Ethereum to your account.

In order to help you spread the word about EvolV and collect more referral bonuses, we will have various features on our Discord server to help you tell people about the EvolV Ecosystem! We will create attention grabbing in-house art, banners, infographics, and short videos that you can share along with your referral link, and we will also have periodic community creation contests.

For each contest, the user who creates and submits the best EvolV fan art to our #community-banner channel on Discord will win a prize, and users will have access to all community banners to help them spread the word. We also encourage you to create and share videos, infographics, and articles about the project, and we will include periodic contests for these types of content as well.

We will retain the rights to use all community submissions for our own marketing efforts, but for any materials that we use for our official social media, we will give a shout out to the creator of the content.

The key thing to remember is that EvolV is a collaborative community project that involves effort from both the EvolV Team and the EvolV Community. It takes all of us working together to make it work for all of us.

There is absolutely no limit to the amount of Ethereum dividends you can withdraw in a given time. That being said, we recommend that you withdraw at least $5 in Ethereum each time there is a withdrawal transaction. This is so that you don’t lose your dividends to transaction fees.

Cryptocurrency is always risky. This is an inevitable part of this space. Here are a few of the risks, and how you can help to mitigate them.

Stagnation. The EvolV Ecosystem depends on volume and volatility. If buys and sells aren’t occurring, Ethereum dividend payments will slow down. That’s where you come in. The more you help us spread the word about EvolV and claim your own referral bonuses, the less chance there is of this happening.

Panic Selling. Evolv is a gamified cryptocurrency ecosystem, with each buy order increasing the price of the token, and each sell order decreasing the price. If a lot of people sell their EvolV tokens all at once, you could see the price of the token take a huge dive. That being said, if you’re strategic, and you hold onto your tokens, you will also receive Ethereum dividends from the sells all the way down. At that point, you can buy up more EvolV on the cheap, and receive more dividends on the climb back up. Not a bad deal, eh?

Just remember. This is a trading game. Just as with trading, those who think strategically will win. Those who let their emotions get the better of them will lose every time.

IMPORTANT NOTE: ALL cryptocurrency assets are inherently risky, and the EvolV / WolfpackBOT Team are not responsible for losses incurred as a result of buying the EvolV token. The EvolV / WolfpackBOT team makes no guarantees of profit as a result of trading the EvolV token, nor does the EvolV / WolfpackBOT team guarantee that the purchase of EvolV will result in receipt of Ethereum dividends, should their be a lack of EvolV Smart Contract volume. In order to sell EvolV, there must be enough Ethereum in the Ethereum pool in order to cover the amount of the sell, in addition to the amount of any unclaimed Ethereum dividends amongst all EvolV holders.

As previously stated, in addition to being a volume based basic income system based on the volume of the smart-contract’s internal exchange, EvolV is also a gamified ecosystem. Here are 8 possible strategies for the EvolV ecosystem that will help you in achieving your goals.

  1. Promote your referral link and receive a 5% referral bonus paid in Ethereum from the buy order.
  2. Buy more EvolV to get more share of the Ethereum dividends.
  3. Hold EvolV and receive Ethereum dividends on every buy and sell.
  4. Wait for EvolV price to go up to a price you like and then sell your EvolV to the ethereum pool.
  5. Exchange EvolV for WPB credit, which is stable in price at $1.
  6. Use WPB credit for bot subscriptions and the upcoming trading academy.
  7. Exchange your WPB credit to EvolV.
  8. Do a combination of a few or all strategies.

Dividends are automatically claimed whenever you purchase or sell EvolV as the smart contract has to recalibrate the percentage of EvolV that you hold after the purchase and/or sell. Purchasing the token with Ethereum or WolfpackBOT Credit executes this function behind the scenes.

NOTE: It is important that you make sure that you have enough dividends to cover the gas transaction fee when you make a purchase or sell, or you risk losing your Ethereum dividends to gas transaction fees.

To be able to sell, the ETH pool balance must be greater than or equal to the Ethereum for any unclaimed dividends plus the amount of ETH for the Evolv you are selling. In other words, if there isn’t enough Ethereum in the pool to cover the value of the sell in addition to any unclaimed dividends, the sell will not go through.

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