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Consortium President Sean Worthington recently shared his forecast on the possible trading price of CloudCoin over the next few years:

I believe the price of CloudCoin is dependent on five variables, any one of which can be a bottleneck and keep the price low:

  1. RAIDA must work if the client software is to work.
  2. Client software must work if people are to buy, sell and trade CloudCoin.
  3. People must be able to buy, sell and trade if we are to market them virally so that people continue using CloudCoin and feel confident telling their friends.
  4. We must market effectively to attract and keep a huge network of users.
  5. The more users (demand) we have, the higher the price given a fixed (scarce) supply.

The price cannot go up unless all the variables have capacity. The variable with the least degree of freedom controls the equation. It is like having a pipe with five parts and water flowing through each part. The part that constricts the most becomes the bottleneck and holds the price down.

The first part is the capacity of the network infrastructure: RAIDA. I am certain that RAIDA has better infrastructure than any other payment system including Visa, PayPal and bitcoin. RAIDA is more efficient, faster, scalable and more private than anything else. RAIDA is not visible, but we have put huge amounts of work into it and have developed something exceptional that no one can compete with.

The second part of the pipe is the client software. We have just finished 95% of this; it is first-rate and works well. We expect to have our web-based software released soon and we have a new system that makes it look as if we are paying with credit cards. The client software is really opening up the flood gates of value so that the price will go up. I believe we can deliver client software that is better than any other system. When looking at the pure function of sending and receiving money, I am confident that right now our desktop software is better than PayPal, better than Bitcoin, and better than Visa.

The third element is liquidity. People will be more likely to buy and use CloudCoin once they can quickly change dollars into CloudCoin and CloudCoin into dollars (or other fiat currencies). CloudCoin has been attacked or blocked by major payment services and locked out of big exchanges. Banks have closed accounts of Consortium members and related entities. We have put off a big battle with the establishment, but we can now fight back. We have to become more liquid than PayPal, Visa, bitcoin, etc. This is a tall order, but we have something that these payment systems do not have. We have a global authentication system: RAIDA. Although RAIDA is used to authenticate CloudCoins, we can also use it to globally authenticate people and create trust.

There are many aspects of liquidity. The biggest is our peer-to-peer exchange software. We are about 90% done on the exchange. People will initially be able to plug-in their PayPal or Stripe accounts, then we will add 30 of the biggest payment systems in the world including systems from Europe, India, Africa and Asia. We will be able to exchange nearly any digital currency in the blink of an eye. We will even have cash and check systems.

An exchange is not the only liquidity project we are working on. We have a two-month schedule to finish merchant payment systems, white-label CloudCoins, RAIDA Mail, RAIDA Data, APIs, documentation, plug-ins and a CloudCoin store. We hope to accomplish this before the New Year. We will even have a video game that uses CloudCoins.

Next comes marketing. Once the liquidity is achieved, we can tell people about CloudCoin with confidence. This process will not be easy. What we really want is for CloudCoin to go viral. We need to do a little marketing, have people try CloudCoin, find out what they don’t like about it, and fix that. Then market again. We will try to improve and improve until everyone tells their friends and it goes viral.

Lastly is what I call operations. This is our ‘make or break’ area. When we are successful, we can expect a lot of attention from governments, hackers, media, etc. We can expect huge traffic growth on our servers. We will need to strengthen everything, and that includes our own organization. I will start stepping aside to allow many others to take leadership roles. Once CloudCoin is around for a while and is able to take the attacks from everything, the price will go up even more.

How much will the price go up?

My expectations are that the price will go increase to at least US$0.95 three years from now. We will gradually ramp up marketing efforts through mid-2020, which I expect will positively affect coin prices. Once we have things working virally, I believe the price will explode. If it does not, it will create an opportunity for us to look at what we are doing wrong and what is not working for people. The number of CloudCoins is fixed and in 29 months all the coins that have been minted will have been spent into existence. It may be this scarcity event, with no new future supply, that stimulates demand and causes prices to explode.

Either way, we should see tremendous and exciting growth for CloudCoin between 2020 and 2022.

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