Form of Maximization of Performance from SiriusX for Travelers

Being a worker in a company is sometimes seen as something very pleasant where they just sit in front of the computer while pressing the keyboard keys one by one and are in a room that has Air Conditioner (AC) and the difference is the case with the condition of a worker, where he must sweat and devote all his strength in order to get a profit from the results of his efforts. But did you know that working at the computer every day is not always as exciting as we imagine, they must drain their brain’s performance with the same limb position and do it repeatedly every day, so there are some of them who have the perception that being a worker is more fun than being an office worker where a worker can train his body with the weights he is doing. Just as experienced by a laborer, some of them also think that being an office worker is a very pleasant thing where they can relax in a cool room while listening to music and do not need to lift heavy burdens which can make their bodies in pain. That is a phenomenon that often occurs in human life and it is not something wrong, it is something that is common to think about because sometimes someone does not know how the conditions of work undertaken by someone. In essence, every job carried out by someone must have a certain point of boredom where he feels not excited in doing his job. And the best solution to overcome conditions like this is to “do a vacation”.

A vacation is considered as an obligation that must be done by someone because a vacation has a number of great benefits for someone’s person. For example, a vacation done by someone will make his mind more calm, relaxed, comfortable and free from all the problems he experienced. In addition, the holiday also has benefits in other ways, where someone will get new knowledge and friends from the results of the trip he has done. A vacation will feel more quality and useful if it is carried out on an appropriate and good tourist destination and accompanied by a comfortable trip. To get all these conditions, a smart tourist must prepare carefully from the outset. The most practical way that can be used for this is to look for attractive and efficient online travel sites in terms of cost.

For the sake of human needs for the tourism sector which has greatly increased, a travel marketing platform called SiriusX has now been created. This platform is a marketing product in the field of travel services that uses Blockchain technology. Where this technology is a technology that is currently being exalted by the technologists of the world thanks to the reliability and effectiveness it has. With the use of this technology on SiriusX, making this platform different from marketing platforms in general, both in terms of quality and quantity.

To be able to use this platform for the first time, users simply download the SiriusX application via their respective smartphones and then follow each instruction that has been provided. For users who have joined this application, of course, can already access any travel services as they wish, and are entitled to get a variety of prizes to be given by this platform in the form of SiriusX tokens (SRX). Prizes that will be obtained by users in this platform come from travel content that they post through this application as well as the results of their travel services transactions. A bonus that has been obtained from this platform can be used like a Sirius X token, where users can use the bonus to transact again through this platform or can trade it as a capital on the Stock Exchange.

In this platform, users have the opportunity to find travel services on a fairly large scale. This happens thanks to the collaboration that has been carried out by SiriusX with companies providing accommodation and transportation services that have gained popularity in the global tourism industry such as Fly Emirates,, Trip Advisor and Agoda, all of which are names of tourism service providers. with quality quality at an affordable price. Users can also use crypto and fiat currencies as a means of financial payment transactions through this platform thanks to the Blockchain technology system that they already have.

Platform that can be accessed through the site also provides other interesting features that are guaranteed to spoil smart tourists who want to do a vacation.

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