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At present most of the community is focused on the development and sophistication of Blockchain technology. How not at this time there is a Blockchain-based platform called Function X has succeeded in providing a Blockchain-based internet network that is equipped with a decentralized system and encrypted security. This platform is well-known and gets the attention of the public because it is able to give birth to the latest innovations that can not only be used by cryptocurrency users, but can also be used by other general public. As we know that there are currently many platforms that provide the same service and have insignificant differences, so it does not cause public interest to know more details about the advantages of the platform. So that this is the background of the founders of the platform to provide a different, unique service and become the center of attention of the general public.

Did you know that armed with the knowledge, experience and software provided by Blockchain technology, the founders of this platform not only provide a decentralized internet network, but also provide several other products that also have a decentralized system. One of the main products that have been released is the Block On Block smartphone or BOB. Where this smartphone is not an ordinary smartphone, it is a Blockchain-based smartphone that is equipped with dual mode namely Android and Blockchain. So that it will make it easier for users to carry out activities in the world of Blockchain and operate mobile applications found on the Android OS quickly with just one device. Therefore with the system provided by BOB Smartphones, surely users can apply smartphones very efficiently right?

Not only does it provide a fairly high security system, but Function X also offers smartphones that are very different from smartphones in general. In addition to providing dual mode OS, the BOB Smartphone can also be designed in accordance with the wishes of the users. This of course is a breath of fresh air for people who like to replace their smartphones only because of their unattractive and boring designs. Therefore Function X will provide a smartphone that can be designed according to the tastes of the users, besides that the BOB smartphone also has quite high specifications, namely the specifications of the 6GB + 64GB snapdragon. Of course, with specifications and a large amount of storage, users can save files without doubt if the storage will be full.

Of course, it has become a Blockchain technological advantage in terms of providing a decentralized system and high security guarantees. This is of course capable of defeating ordinary technological systems used by almost all people of the world, which has a fairly low level of security. So the possibility of piracy or burglary is very high and easy to do. This can be seen from the many victims who have suffered losses caused by unsafe technology systems. Even though smartphones and internet networks are now human needs that cannot be separated any more. Therefore, recognizing the need for networks and smartphones, Function X takes the right steps by integrating Blockchain technology into its platform and providing a security system for smartphones and internet networks. So by using a smartphone the user no longer has to worry about criminalization that is caused by a weak security system.

As we know that the presence of the internet network has brought many changes, especially in the trade industry. Where currently online trading has become a trend that is much in demand by users, while offline trading is currently experiencing a significant decline. If the trade is not diverted online, then he must get ready to go bankrupt as time goes by. of course this transformation is also not much different from what is done by Blockchain technology, which connoisseurs of cryptocurrency can already produce digital assets without having to be tied to an agency and place of work. Now anyone can make a lot of money even if they do not have a permanent job. Therefore the presence of new technology cannot be underestimated.

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