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DAOSquare Introduction

Since Dec. 2019, We started working to launch DAOSqare and plan to launch it today (February 14), but the epidemic changed everything, it put a mask on DAOSquare, just like our mouths now, so we had to readjust. Surprisingly, it snowed heavily in Beijing today. In Chinese culture, it means auspiciousness. And anyway, today is Valentine’s Day! why should we fail her?

DAOSquare is a Media platform of DAO space. We bring Ethereum’s DAOs, concepts, insights, research results, projects, products, and teams from the West to China. We also hope to introduce the results of China to the West.

At the same time, DAOSquare is a connector. We hope to connect the East and West, help Ethereum expand its global influence and help more people participate in the development of the Ethereum ecosystem.

The ultimate goal of all our efforts is: let Ethereum enter everyone’s life.

btw, we hope to become the global DAO media and connector in the world (English, of course).

🐲 Media platform

We have created a media platform (http://dao2.io) and keep one article per day (Our articles have received a lot of attention on China’s famous blockchain media platform).

At this stage, translation is the main focus, and original content will be added later.

Of course, to achieve the goal of global DAO media platform, we also need globalization ourselves, but not now.

🔆 Connector

We’re connecting high-quality DAOs, projects and teams in the West, such as MetaCartel and Moloch. We bringing more interesting things about web3 to China and also helping more Chinese people participate in the Ethereum ecosystem development.

We really like a word from MetaCartel:

If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together

“Extending the influence of Ethereum ecosystem to society.” To achieve this goal need more people to join, especially non-technical people, we are working on it.

We’re just born, not perfect, and there are many things to do:

  1. Continue to improve our media platform and bring more high-quality content to China.
  2. Host online/offline events (May start in April).
  3. Get more and deeper connections with the West (We’re very honored that is willing to help us in this, and we hope he is also willing to have an official title, Global Head? !! ASAP!)
  4. Many many many other things …

We shall always be grateful to , , , and , for your selfless help and for giving us the possibility of realizing our dream.

Just do it!

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