How Blockchain Will Advance With Quantum Computing & AI Development

Remember the good ole’ days when in order to access the internet, when we had to wait several minutes using dial-up, and then continued to block the rest of our home from using the telephone? Downloading and streaming anything was nearly impossible; this was coined “web 1.0.” After the internet advanced, “web 2.0” manifested to make the internet a place where individuals around the world can contribute with a quasi-infinite amount of information and content. Thus, communities that were never before heard began to thrive on a mass-scale. Being that our world today relies on “web 2.0” for the most part, the next generation the internet, or “web 3.0,” has now arrived with a powerful presence; this is where the decentralization of information gives power and privacy back to the user.

In order to understand Quantum Computing, one must comprehend the essence of Quantum Mechanics, a branch of quantum physics that studies how our physical Universe operates on the most, quintessential level. At the foundational level of our Universe, reality as we know it acts on a different spectrum. Everything as we perceive it to be, is energetic and vibrational; thus, on a subatomic level, our Universe is comprised of finite particles vibrating at very high frequencies in efforts to compose matter. Due to the four, controversially five, elements having different consistencies, we are truly perceiving matter on various, vibrational frequencies. Per a very important example, from the Double Slit Experiment, the manifestation of matter is surely affected by the attention and energy of the observer.

Superposition, to complement the research of the Double Slit Experiment, may be defined as a quantum state that has the possibility of existing in multiple (possibly an infinite number) of states at a single point of observation or measurement. Now, this brings about the human functions of imagination, dreaming, and creation… At a single moment in time/space, anything can possibly occur; and with the power of perception and intent, we have the capacity to steer time/space into the direct of our conscious, and subconscious choosing.

“Classic Computers,” as they are now being phrased, work within a system of which processes data through binary form, or bits; the infamous patterns of 0s and 1s. With Quantum Computing, data and information is now possible to be processed in something phrased, “qubits,” or quantum bits. Unlike bits, of which are able to only be processed as a 0 or 1, qubits are able to be processed in superposition as 0 and 1, at the same time. Upon this superposition of a qubit, aforementioned, when there is a measurement placed upon this structure of information, the qubit will change forms. Under the proviso of entanglement, when multiple qubits are attempted to be measured, or observed, the other qubits in the pair, or group, will change as well. Under only these two concepts of Quantum Mechanics, the quantum computing systems have the capacity of quasi-infinite, exponential increase, in a quasi-instantaneous fashion.

Currently, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is involved with many integral aspects of modern day society; whether it deals with the next song or video we are going to play, or the next credit card purchase we make of which monitored by your bank’s fraud system, AI will be present within our lives, for generations to come.

To briefly introduce, Blockchain is a decentralized, peer-to-peer (P2P) network operated by of nodes (hardware systems), or network participants, of which collectively use cryptography to create a public proof of work, that is essentially undisputable, while new transactions and records are time stamped in chronological order, and then, to reiterate, sent across the network of nodes for authenticity verification. The majority of our world’s system and functions, are now positioned upon a centralized systems in which the server/system owners have jurisdiction over the mass majority. With Blockchain, we are seeing that the power of privacy and decentralized order are now being put back into the hands of the mass majority; as this is unfolding new avenues technological advancement, in a communal, P2P manner.

Besides being the foundational system in which supports the functions and existence of cryptocurrencies, Blockchain is being used for a multitude of“in-between” efforts such as:

  • Having more privacy in surfing the internet by using decentralized browsers.
  • Adding more speed and security to large transaction such as purchasing Real Estate.
  • Enhancing and adding more security into the voting process.

In the aforementioned advances of AI, we are seeing it have the capacity to better lead technological systems, and influence people in a more impactful way. Conjoining the P2P aspect of Blockchain based system, and the deep-learning of AI, this bears more hope for technology to become more intimate with humans in a beneficial manner. As Blockchain grows symbiotically with AI, we will see more intelligent visualizations of decentralized information and data on the many levels of infrastructure. Thus, the operations of the Blockchain will autonomously (depending on the AI algorithms in place) become more and more efficient and precise over-time. For example, more precise and efficient delivery in adjusting the real-time premium for auto-insurance customers through more intelligent analyzing, organizing, and visualizing of the big-data tracked through the customers’ IoT Devices and Dapps.

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