Introducing Digital Gold, a Combination of Gold and Cryptocurrency

For millennials, gold may be overlooked as a conventional investment instrument. This type of investment is more closely related to the generation of baby boomers so that it seems less contemporary. However, behind the stigma, in fact, gold remains promising as an investment instrument.

This precious metal has been used by humans for thousands of years, both as a store of wealth and a medium of exchange that applies globally. In the modern era, gold is still used as a financial standard in many countries and is also used as jewelry and used in electronic components.

This is due to its nature as a precious metal and never rust. Also, the amount is quite rare, so that makes people believe that gold is one of the investment goods that can be traded.

But do readers know, if Gold has now entered the digital realm? There is a cryptocurrency called Digital Gold.

Digital Gold is a Cryptocurrency project based on the Blockchain platform, Digital Gold in cryptocurrency is another name Gold Token, Gold Token has the aim for users to trade or buy Digital Gold using Gold Tokens.

Digital Gold, or we just call it Gold Token using blockchain-based on Ethereum ERC-20, Ethereum is known very quickly for peer-to-peer transactions.

Digital Gold is Very Safe, Today Many people prefer to use anything digital, basically related to the internet, now Digital Gold is perfect for readers who are lazy to store Gold at home, you just buy and store it in a mobile phone. It is very safe, rather than having to save at home which could one day be lost. Other people won’t know if you have gold.

When will you send gold again in seconds?
At a specific time the reader will definitely need money, well if the reader has gold, the reader must go to a gold shop to sell it, but now with the presence of Digital Gold, the reader does not need to travel if you want to trade gold, the reader simply uses a cellphone to sell or buy gold. For example you want to share with your family, readers can simply send it through a digital wallet that the reader uses.

Using Digital Gold has the advantage that the cost of buying and selling (fee) is very cheap, this is cheaper than the reader must save gold in the bank or have to obtain a safe, so that reader gold is safe.

Sometimes if we buy gold, we have to make a minimum purchase of 1 gram, but does the reader know? If buying at Digital Gold, there is no minimum purchase, so readers can buy anything; Digital Gold now only supports purchases with Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH).

If the reader wishes to buy a Gold Token and will store it in a personal wallet, the reader can use the Wallet we recommend below:

Trust Wallet is effortless to use and already in Playstore and Appstore that will make it easier for readers to monitor assets via mobile.

It has a pretty good appearance, pioneered the first Ethereum wallet, and was very easy to use.

Metamask is very easy to use for ordinary people and can be opened through a web wallet.

Thank you for reading, hope this article helps you to choose the right investment.

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