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A little stress now and then can do no harm, however being stressed for a longer period of time will decrease the physical and mental health of your body. Best seller books the past years where focused on mental clarity. Coincidence? I don’t think so. Our body is having a hard time surviving in this fast world where stress is daily business.

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Studies have shown remarkable similarities in physical and psychological well-being. Examples of complains are headaches, restlessness, heartburn and risk of heart attack. Stress originally comes from the ability of human beings to turn on an inner alarm when danger appears. Action will be taken; as a result, stress nowadays often misses the physical reaction. Therefore, stress holds on in the body, and the body reacts with a decree of the physical wellbeing.

Stress is an ongoing topic on social media, and the connection between mental en physical health made currious. Are people aware that stress could be the cause of there fisical health problems? Twitter is a great platfrom for investigating the feelings, opinions and emotions of people talking about stress. The outcomes of this research are showed in this blog visualy showed.

Causes of stress

Twitter users posting #stress in combination with…

almost 1.000 students are expressing themself on twitter with the hashtag #stress. School-related stress can result from demands and pressure from schoolwork, high expectations of achievement, fear of failure, low performance, conflicts with parents about the motivation and performance of school students.

Most populair account connected to #stress

An other couse of using #stress is money and then specific bitcoin. Now a days, the 24 hours economy is setting the standard for people to always be alert, the courses of bitcoin can change every hour or even minute. Bitcoin users are lickly to active there ‘inner alarm’ when they recieve a stress signal. Activting this inner alarm to offen without rest can cause fisical harm or other mental problems.

Symptoms of stress

#stress and #headache combined in tweets by users on twitter

Twitter users used the #stress and #headache in the same tweets. Users are noticing both situations at the same time. If twitter users are aware of the connection between the two can unfornunally not be said. Headaches being recognized as a sympton of stress can create appropriate action

Feeling of Twitter users ranked by volume on amount.
most frequent used words on stress at Twitter

Migraine, Pain, headache. Twitter users cooping with those symtoms of stress when they are expressing themself. Users are talking about relieving those symtoms with #yoga and #ayurveda. Those are both old rituals practised in India for years.

Yoga poses to relieve stress

reduce stress with yoga

Yoga is one of the six foundations of Indian philosophy and has been used for millennia to study, explain, and experience the complexities of the mind and human existence (Feuerstein,1998). All the different practises of yoga are intended to develop a certain type of awareness within oneself.


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