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With your local currency and our $ processing system, you will learn something new to learn. Just use it! Register $ — pen. Think of it as your username. People can send you money for advice or any bank account number as a payment, but it’s easier!

Close your wallet. We do not store your funds or rights to your pen. You are your own bank! Your money is your business. Be sure to back up all this information. I recommend it! We have made this application so simple and powerful that you want to share it with your friends and family. Please do it! Sending cash has never been steeper!

What our users say. Thus, not only do we have the absolute game changer in $ pens, they can be used immediately by any nob! # Exciting # BSV. Devon Dirdal. Thanks! HandCash is by far the best # bitcoin experience. Fun and QR scanner so fast. I barely waved my phone across the screen and he picked up the address. Impressive, wonderful work! Dale Dickens. I played with him. Reliable fast program with a clean, sexy interface.

Very attractive. You can’t expect to play NFC after people are on board at #PorcFest! Armani wine. Screenshots App. Frequently Asked Questions Can you help me regain access? With freedom comes responsibility. With Bitcoin you really are your bank, but in return you have to secure your wallet. Don’t worry, it’s easy to work with Google Drive and iCloud. I worry about my privacy. This is optional! Your money is only you. We can’t even see your balance, and no one can keep track of your transactions — we create new send addresses every time you send or receive via $ processing.

Is there a service charge? You only pay for the network mining fee, which is usually a small fraction of a penny (in dollars) and will decrease over time. We do not charge extra, so it’s almost free to send money abroad or pay at any store. Why my balance? Bitcoin SV (BSV) is another currency, simply digital. This means that it has fluctuations in prices for other currencies, such as the US dollar or the euro. Your actual balance is the amount in BSV or bits you own.

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