Mythereum — Community Newsletter 2020 — A New Year!!!

  1. Each weekend wil see one of our “Themed” event tournaments. These will correlate to each of the core sets of cards in mythereum (genesis, survivor and awakening), as well as mixed.

The schedule will be as follows on a weekly basis, rotating each month:

Week 1: Awakening: 7 Card minimum, Dupe allowed, level up yes

Week 2: Survivor: 10 Card minimum, Dupe allowed, level up yes

Week 3: Genesis: 5 Card minimum, Dupe allowed, level up yes

Week 4: Mixed: 7 Card minimum, Dupe allowed, level up yes

(Eventually week 4 will be the next set: Askian. Mixed will happen only thereafter when a fifth weekend persists in a given month)

Each weekend will have both Pre-Qualifiers (Saturday) and the Finals (Sunday). Pre-Qualifiers will happen as Eliminator type style, where each round the loser is removed, and the winners move on. The top 4 for the EU qualifier (9am EST) and the top 4 from the US qualifier (9pm est) will move onto the sunday showdown.

Sunday showdowns will now be a matching of between 4–7 matches. Each player will play each other player once each, so if 8 players arrive, they will each play 7 matches. This should take approximately 2–3 hours throughout the course of the day. The timeframe will be 9am est-9pm est. All matches must occur during this time, and a proper recording of match IDs must be listed to ensure accuracy.

Final Standing for a recent Awakening Qualifier

2. Weekdays at 2pm EST we currently have our Monday-Friday Super Brawls! These are highly popular battles, that pit 4 people against one another, in a winner takes all type of gauntlet. (1v1v1v1).

Currently, we utilize a psuedo rank point system combined with a tiering system, in which players shift up/down base don their daily success/failure.

Points are distributed by tier, 4 to the 1st place, 3 to 2nd place, 2 to 3rd place, and 1 for 4th place. Additionally i nthe case of an odd number of players, standby players get 2.5 for that day, and if there are site errors/bugs, all present players receive 5 points.

Additionally, with the New year, additional metrics will award additional points for the monthly standings. They are rewarded as follows i nthe first beta design:

Monthly Metrics Beta:
Weekly (1 point each for weekly leader)
— Total Ability Damage Inflicted
— Total Combined Damage Inflicted
— Total Player Kills
— Total Leader Kills

Monthly Totals tracked (4 points each category)
— Total Ability Damage Inflicted
— Total Combined Damage Inflicted
— Highest Average Total Combined Damage per Match
— Highest Average Card Score (Minimum 8 games to qualify)
— Lowest Average Card Score (Minimum 8 games to qualify)
— Total Player Kills
— Total Leader Kills
— Attended the Most Matches

As you can see, engaging in a wide vriety of activities can net you some extra points to squeeze out that win, or getting into that lucrous monthly final tournament the four highest scoring players access.

September Super Brawl Winnings

Each month has had some amazing rewards distributed like those above. A special reward was given for November players! Base don rank, each player was distributed 1 or more GENESIS cards, the last cards that were left in the system for giveaways!!! That makes Genesis officially a CLOSED SET. No more will ever be able to be generated, making the current liquidity set in stone.

3. Two-Headed Giant (Ettin Tuesdays) will begin in January 2020!!! Get your teammates ready for our first ever Two-headed Giant Ettin Tuesday matches! January 21st will be our first matchup. Starting at 5pm EST, we will survey the best time slots, until one is decided upon.

A Compass Style Bracket will be used for Ettin matches going forward, with monthly rewards as well for end-of-month standings.

Compass Brackets

The Bracket
An 8 Team Compass Draw tournament has a total of 12 games, with the first round of 4 games beginning in the center column.

The bracket is labeled with 4 directions on a compass(East, West, Southeast, and Southwest). When a team loses they are moved to a different bracket, winners always just advance in their current bracket. The numbers inside each match represent the order the games are to be played in. Where you see L5, L6, L7 and L8, this is where the loser of each one of those games is to be moved(L stands for loser, the number represents the game number they lost).

Round 1
The first round of the tournament has team names listed down the middle column. The winners of the first round move to the right or the East Bracket, the losers move to the left or the West Bracket.

Round 2

The losers in the second round of the East Bracket drop down to the Southeast Bracket and the losers of the West Bracket drop down to the Southwest Bracket. The winners just move over in their current bracket.

Round 3

The losers are eliminated and the winners are the champions of that particular bracket/compass direction.

So who will be your team partner? These games will be full scale Mixed Tournaments styled similar to Super Brawls (11 cards, no annihilate, mix of any set(s).

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