Nexxus Reward, a Sales Platform with Extra Strong Social Mission

Buying and selling activities or which is briefly referred to as trade is a form of economic activity that has been done long before we were born. This activity becomes a place to collect a number of financial coffers by the perpetrators. In a trading activity a person is free to sell any kind of goods such as household property, men’s and women’s clothing, baby gear, food or drinks and so on. Even though this activity can take the form of specific diversity, it can never be separated from a number of major components, namely sellers, buyers, goods sold as well as selected locations of sale. Most people used to choose the market as their location to promote their merchandise, and there were even a small number of people who took part of their front yard to be used as a location for this activity. But in the millennium as it is today, a large number of traders have taken a new location as a place that they will use to find each of their customers. They have taken the digital path to market all the products they will sell. Trading with this method is commonly called e-commerce.

The e-commerce trading method is a sales technique which is seen as having a very practical way of working and providing savings on various sides. E-commerce provides practicality in terms of place and consumers to be reached. Trading with this model can reap consumers many times because of its digital nature so it is easy to access by people in various parts of the world. In marketing products this way, each trader will rely on a number of marketing platforms with excellent performance. One of the optimal platforms that can be used for e-commerce activities is Nexxus Reward.

Nexxus Reward is an e-commerce platform that was first run in Plano, a small town with friendly residents in Texas, United States. This platform was formed using an initial capital of $ 700,000. This capital is used for the first time to complete product development and market testing to help local traders get their customers for the first time. This platform is led by an American man named Bob Wood. He is a senior technologist who previously worked with Bill Gates-owned companies, Microsoft as a Senior Consultant and Developer and he also worked with the Company that was built by Ross Perot, Electronic Data System. In addition, he himself also had set up an agency with the name of the Pinnacle Institute. This agency is a marketing and technology consulting firm for the direct selling industry which has more than 30 sales organizations.

To be able to do a marketing on Nexxus Reward, a trader does not need to complicate himself by preparing a special stack of documents. They only need to prepare a complete identity card along with a photo and an active e-mail that they normally use, and the good news is that in the registration process, the merchant will not be charged with any costs or free. After the registration process is finished they can start their business while praying and waiting for consumers from various places who will greet them. With this “intro” as given by this platform, it is not wrong to say at the beginning that Nexxus Reward is a platform that has good optimization value. Here, a trader will also be given a freedom in accessing the cryptocurrency processing gateway. That is, traders who sell through this platform can receive payments from customers in the form of cryptocurrency currencies such as BTC, ETH and so on. Interesting to be a Nexxus RIGHT!

As we have stated in the title of this discussion, besides having a functional aspect as a marketing platform, Nexxus also contributes to a number of world social organizations. A portion of the gross revenue generated by this platform from consumer spending activities will be channeled to a number of non-profit organizations spread all over the world. This is intended to help the social problems suffered by underprivileged people on earth. By making a trade or purchase through this platform, it has indirectly contributed to the social programs run by this platform. With its presence in the global industry, this platform has a strong mission to fund a number of social organizations around the world and empower people to be able to manage their finances more wisely.








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