Nexxus, The Most Complete and Signed E-Commerce Service for the Future

The presence of market authorities such as malls, supermarkets and so on around the population at this time, without us knowing it has killed many small traders, which many people prefer to shop in a place that provides a complete set of goods. So that it will make it easier for consumers to buy the items needed just by visiting one shopping place. Where it is without us knowing it has made small traders will have difficulty developing their businesses.

The community considers that, by shopping at large shopping places, it will be easier for them to choose goods or products as they wish, which is not found in small traders who only provide a few types of products. Therefore, to be able to develop their business, small traders are required to collaborate with various related parties in order to be able to supply goods accordingly, in addition, the merchants must also promote so that their products are increasingly recognized by the public. However, to be able to do cooperation and promotion will certainly require a lot of costs, so small traders will think twice about doing that. Of course, with current technological developments, traders of all sizes can profitably collaborate with various merchants and carry out promotions at very affordable costs through the Nexxus platform.

Where Nexxus is a Blockchain technology platform founded by Bob Wood in Plano, Texas, United States in January 2016 with an initial capital of $ 700,000. Where the capital is used to complete and develop products issued by the Nexxus platform, in addition to that it is also used to conduct market research, which research is carried out so that the Nexxus platform can create solutions for problems that are happening in the market. Not only that, Nexxus also provides online sales services to traders to be able to help small traders to keep developing amidst the market rulers. Where Nexxus will also provide benefits to buyers and charities, the funds channeled to the charity will come from the profits obtained by the buyers and traders.

In addition, Nexxus will also provide free services to traders who wish to participate through the Nexxus service, which by participating traders can conduct free promotions to buyers every day. The Nexxus platform will provide services that are different from other platforms, where it will not charge fees or share profits between traders and platforms, even until the traders have managed to sell the product. Where that means traders can freely determine the price of their own products without being tied to the Nexxus platform. On the other hand, traders are also given the ability to accept various types of fiat and crypto currencies that are used by buyers as legal tender.

Not only that, to further make traders interested by buyers, the Nexxus platform will provide cashback to buyers. Where buyers who make purchases at traders who use Nexxus will get cashback for each particular purchase. In addition, cashback provided by Nexxus is different from cashback provided by other platforms or traders, where the cashback can be empowered by buyers to buy any product without a certain time limit. So with this offer, of course, it will attract buyers to make purchases using Nexxus. In addition, Nexxus will also give Nexxus tokens to buyers who refer certain shopping places to other buyers, which referred buyers also make purchases at the shopping center.

The Nexxus platform also has its own currency called the Nexxus token or NXR, which is an ERC20 utility token that has a value of $ 0.02 or equal to 1 USD equal to 5 NXR. In addition, Nexxus also has a total supply of tokens of 375 million units of tokens, of which the total supply of tokens of 50,000,000 will be issued for the sale of public tokens. Where the sale is made so that the Nexxus platform receives additional funds from investors and the funds will be used for the development of the Nexxus product and platform. In addition, Nexxus also targets that the sales will get a soft cap and hard cap of $ 2,000,000 and $ 10,000,000.

The Nexxus platform is here to provide fair sales solutions for traders, buyers and charities. Where no one party will be disadvantaged who joined the Nexxus platform. Therefore, the use of the Nexxus platform as the most complete e-commerce service today can be said to be a platform that provides fair benefits to all its users. In addition, the platform can also accept various types of crypto and fiat currencies as legal tender.







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