world now a days is becoming decentralized. virtual currency is the basic asset for daily life. in world of cryptocurrency, many platform born and died everyday. platform only survive which have right strategy, precious focus,good governance,latest technology.

OPTIMUS exchange can be say as horse of long race, which have native token named OPTX token which is an NTP1 token who is built on the Neblio Blockchain. nebilo is a decentralized,open source and secure blockchain platform. OPTIMUS is a digital asset (cryptocurrency) trading platform to providing optimal space for traders. OPTX token can be purchase, earn,won through out many competitions and airdrop and bounty. currently you can earn OPTIMUS token OPTX by many activities , which are mentioned below along with links and procedure. OPTIMUS token could be a great opportunity for near future.

some highlights for native OPTX token:-

*NTP1 token ,built on nebilo blockchain

*used as trading fee for both traders and project listings

*can be earned by beta OPTIMUS beta promotion,reffer program.

*total supply 10,000,000,000,000 OPTX

*base rate : 1 OPTX = 0.00000001 BTC

OPTIMUS Exchange also running various program like OPTIMUS beta program (8 Trillion OPTX tokens, which represent 80% of the total supply, is allocated to that purpose) , OPTIMUS affiliate program ,in which traders and OPTX holders can earn OPTX by trading and holding optx token. Optimus will only allow listing of utility tokens or payment token, backed by a legal opinion, and signed by a reputable lawyers. Security tokens will not be listed. first pair was OPTX/BTC. Neblio is now listed in optimus exchange First pair: $NEBL / $OPTX.

they also running a Trader Ranking System in which they will rank traders by two factor, first one is trading volume on their exchange (in terms of BTC and OPTX), and second one is holdings of OPTX token in trader’s account. this means, as much as you trading or holding OPTX token on their exchange, larger chances to win OPTX tokens.

major activities to earn OPTX :

1. OPTIMUS beta program : it consist about 80% token of total supply ,in which 1 trillion OPTX will be given to 1000 pro beta traders and remaining 7 trillion OPTX will be given to first 100K beta traders.

2. referral program : it consist 3 levels of referral, different different bonus for different levels

level 1–25%

level 2–20%

level 3–15%

some important LINKS:

# OPTIMUS website: https://optimus.exchange/

# twitter: https://twitter.com/ExchangeOptimus

# telegram : https://t.me/optimus_exchange

# facebook : https://www.facebook.com/OptimusExchange/

# youtube : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC7O9oJCOqcdU2IRKho_P97w

OPTX token can be earn by airdrop , different bounties, and beta trading. here are the links,

$$$ https://t.me/OptimusAirdropBot?start=810748994 $$$

$$$ https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5219579.0 $$$

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