Our vision for Satstreet – Satstreet

We are on a mission to get Bitcoin into the hands of millions of people around the world. We are building Satstreet to make Bitcoin more accessible for everyone.

It all started by trying to solve our own problem.

“I want to give Bitcoin to my family and friends this Christmas. How should I do it?”

At the time we were exploring the idea of a payroll service that would allow you to allocate a percentage of your salary into Bitcoin. We were calling it ‘Satstreet’ a play on ‘Wall Street’ and ‘Sats’, the smallest unit of a Bitcoin. We found that the idea was a tough sell to the majority of people that simply aren’t ready for that level of commitment.

“Should I load up a few hardware wallets? Or give out paper wallets?”

“Hardware wallets cost a lot — and what if they lose the paper wallet?”

We went back to brainstorming how we would go about convincing someone to allocate 1% of their salary into Bitcoin.

“What if we had simple educational webinars with an incentive to everyone that attended and gave out some free Bitcoin?”

Then it hit us.

“What if we started with a better gifting platform for Bitcoin?”

“People can create an account with just an email, deposit some Bitcoin, and then send as little as 1 Sat to anyone.. so all the receiver has to do is verify their email and then they own some Bitcoin.”

We started planning out the user journey and realized what this space was missing. We could not find any platform that acts as a great guide and directory for newcomers. One that makes Bitcoin simple and provides a list of legitimate Bitcoin companies and ways to immediately start earning Bitcoin.

At Satstreet.com we’ve released our Beta version which allows you to deposit Bitcoin, send Sats to any email address, and earn Bitcoin from more than 10 different affiliate partners.

With your support we can get Bitcoin in the hands of millions of people around the world and help them learn about and join our community. We want to work with you and your network to increase the adoption of Bitcoin around the world.

We will soon be releasing details around a contest that will reward the top referrers to Satstreet with up to $1,000 worth of Bitcoin and a share in any affiliate revenue that is generated.

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