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Telos Resource Improved Management Plan


Some EOSIO chains are experimenting with issues regarding their resources management, where it is easy to overload with usage the network because of its inexpensive CPU resources, purchasable from their Resource Exchange staking pool.

That’s the reason the TRIM Plan was created, to prevent Telos Network to face these same issues, improving its system, and addressing the problem before it occurs, limiting users from borrowing too much resources. All 21 BPs enacted this plan, raising the costs of CPU price in REX but maintaining it affordable, yet safe from a total buy out.


The TRIM Plan seeks to improve how resources are managed on the Telos Network and keep it from future usable attacks. In the plan, there are seven actions that can work as the solution:

  1. Capping the number of resources any account can purchase from REX without being whitelisted.
  2. Creating a pool of resources to guarantee that every Telos account can perform a minimum quantity of free transactions per day or per week even with no resources staked or purchased.
  3. Implementing tokens from wallets or explorers, allowing higher frequency users to have more transactions without managing resources.
  4. Setting a floor price for REX purchases and make usage attacks more expensive to carry out.
  5. Encouraging all apps to use the ONLY_BILL_FIRST_AUTHORIZER feature allowing users to interact with the apps without the need of additional resources.
  6. Allowing API node operators to filter access to contracts, and individual block producers to blacklist accounts.
  7. Acclimating users to high usage situations on the network.

All these actions help the network shield itself against possible attacks, protecting its resources, its users, and its operability for future outcomes.

It is important to mention that no governance amendment is required to implement these changes as long as 2/3+1 of the Telos block producers agree.

For more information about each of the actions that will take on the TRIM PLAN please visit https://goodblock.io/ and its Medium article about the TRIM PLAN.

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