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Today we are going to talk about the new crypto called Roobee (ROOBEE)

Is it a currency or is it a token?

It is an ERC20 token that runs on the ethereum platform. One of the advantages of being an ERC20 is that you can store the token in any wallet that accepts ERC20.

Where can I buy or trade with my ROOBEE token?

The easiest way to obtain roobee is through the Kucoin exchange, firt, you are going to buy cryptocurrency with FIAT , for example BTC, then in the same exchange you can exchange those BTC for ROOBEE, you just have to look for the ROOBEE / BTC pair and trade it.

What is the roobee project and what benefits does it bring?

Roobee is an investment platform that uses blockchain technology that use AI and transparent statistics tohelps people have a smart investment.

What can I invest on?

The list of investments ranges from cryptocurrencies and investments such as, Real State, IPO, stocks, starsups and others.
Many times one wants to diversify the portfolio, in order to do so one must resort to different brockers, however roobee brings the solution for this in the palms of your hand.

What is the minimum value to be able to make an investment in the platform?

The answer is 10 usd. But this answer has other very interesting funds, usually to be able to invest in many of these investments they ask you for a significant sum of money, this makes only the wealthy people taking advantage of it leaving aside billions of regular people.
There are many countries with hight inflation and one of the ways to safeguard savings is by investing in stocks of international companies, real estate abroad and other, having the chance to have gain money instead of losing it because of inflation responsible for a government often corrupt.
Another benefit is that more people can feel the world of investments from a young age since the platform will be available in the web version and in app for both IOS and Android. This makes it easy to use as it also gives the opportunity to have a faster financial knowledge.

How safe is investing from the platform?

The good thing about this it, is that not only does the project work with a blockchain security company, but Roobee will not have access to user´s and found assets. This means that one does not run the risk that normal investment companies run out of bankruptcy or a bank that can also fail.

Can I schedule my investments automatically?

Yes. The platform will allow you to program your investments in the time you want, with your card linked to your bank you can program so that every day an automatic investment is made.

And finally let’s talk about the Fee. We know that the intermediary, brokers and other live off your money movements, the more money you move, the more they earn, they usually charge a commission of your total investments and this goes from 2% and can easily reach up to 5%, even more when what you are willing to invest is little money, the commissions are higher. However roobee does not charge extra fees to users. Using the Roobee token in the platform functions does not charge you with the fee. We know that we are in the digital age and we have learned that with this we accelerate knowledge, interactions and reduce the costs especially of intermediaries.

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