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In a move sure to delight fans of “The Bitcoin Standard”, author and university hater Saifedean Ammous has outlined the exact steps BTC is going to take to achieve world domination.

Professor Ammous, who prefers to go by the title “His Worshipfulness”, outlined the plans during his presentation at the recent “JUST HODL and don’t do Business with BTC” conference in North Korea.

Professor Ammous says people with folded arms are 3x smarter than those who use pockets.

The steps, according to the professor, are as follows.

  1. Price of BTC goes up due to scarcity.
  2. … unclear …
  3. BTC becomes global monetary standard.

The audience was absolutely thrilled during the presentation. CBD spoke with some of the attendees afterwards. “This is absolutely clear scientific evidence that BTC will be the global monetary standard,” said attendee and new Kraken shill, Pierre Rochard. “Anyone who doesn’t agree with this conclusion doesn’t understand economics and is anti-science.” Pierre tweeted slides from the presentation which went viral on crypto twitter.

We caught up with Saifedean Ammous to chat about his popular revelation.

CBD: So can you clarify more about step 2. It’s quite hazy.

SA: Look, that part is unclear. No one really knows what happens in that step. Anyone pretending to know is a liar.

CBD: So how exactly can you be sure step 3 happens then?

SA: It’s quite obvious from studying the history of money. With all the different monetary items that have evolved in human history, glass beads, sea shells, gold.. well, they all took different paths to step 3. And because BTC will also take a different path, that’s proof it will be the global monetary standard.

CBD: Ok but, lots of other things never became money, and they also went up in value a lot. I mean, platinum never became global money. And if gold were to 10x in value today it still wouldn’t start being used as money by everyone. Why will people start being happy to pay high transaction fees with slow confirmation times on BTC just because it’s worth $1,000,000 ?

SA: You sound like someone who doesn’t eat meat.

CBD: No, I eat meat. I’m an omnivore just like most humans.

SA: Any human who ever eats a plant is an idiot.

CBD: Ok but you haven’t really explained step 2 yet.

SA: We don’t know how step 2 works. We just know it will. Somehow.

CBD: Do you think maybe businesses need to adopt it?

SA: No. Any business trying to use it is an enemy of BTC. They always want low tx fees and complain about how hard it is to use. We don’t want merchants.

CBD: Well, should unique apps be built maybe, that use it?

SA: No way. BSV does that and they’re idiots. If I can’t think of a good blockchain app by myself then one doesn’t exist.

CBD: Well if you really don’t know how step 2 might happen, is it fair for people to be skeptical that step 3 will ever eventuate?

SA: No. Anyone who questions how or why BTC will be the global monetary standard is a fool and a moron, and is an enemy of BTC. They should be publicly shamed, possibly whipped. Did you know Nassim Taleb follows me on Twitter?

CBD: Ok thanks for your time. Oh you have some blood dripping down your chin from that live piglet you’re devouring. Yeah.. just a bit under… yeah you got most of it…

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