Sirius X, the Latest Breakthrough in Blockchain-Based Traveling Services

Of course, with a variety of sophistication at this time, there have been many kinds of tools or technologies that can be operated easily, with which the technology has changed many traditional systems used by the community. Where the traditional system requires users to book tickets in advance through a travel agent or airport, but with the current technological sophistication, the public can order tickets using only mobile applications such as traveloka,,, pegipegi etc. . So that with this application the public is not only facilitated when making a reservation, but also can see the entire price of plane tickets listed on the application and adjust to its budget.

Not only that, the cellular applications will also provide a variety of hotels or other lodging venues, where users can only use one application to get all these services. Where if someone used to want to travel then he must visit or contact these hotels to find information, so this will certainly make the community feel difficulties. Moreover, if people are on vacation on certain days, certainly many hotel rooms are full. But with the presence of the application, the public can place their order well in advance of departure. Of course, the more advanced a technology is, of course it will automatically bring up the latest innovations, which can be seen from the innovations that continue to develop on Blockchain technology platforms, one of which is SiriusX.

SiriusX is a Blockhain technology platform that provides tourism services, in which users can make all kinds of orders for the most complete travel service for any country they want to visit. Where the platform will provide various forms of service orders such as ordering airplane tickets, buses, apartment hotels, cruises, and tickets for certain events held by various countries around the world. Of course, with all the complete offers offered, users can place orders anytime and anywhere without a specific time limit and only by using one service.

The SiriusX platform will also provide transaction payment cards to users to make transactions easier. Where the card has been named SiriusX card, which card will also be protected by using a PIN and SiriusX wallet, other than that the card can be linked by scanning the QR code printed on the card to SiriusX digital wallet. Not only that, the card can also be linked to various digital wallets that support ERC-20 utility tokens such as, Trustwallet, Metamask, MyEtherwallet and so on. In addition the SiriusX card can also make anonymous transactions quickly, even has faster access from debit or credit cards provided by financial institutions such as banks. Where the card will also accept payments using other crypto currencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin.

In addition, SiriusX will also provide social media services to make it easier for users to find information about the tourist destinations they want to visit. Where SiriusX will provide the SiriusX chat site as a forum to connect users with other users, through which the users can request information, provide information, interact and provide reviews about what is needed by other users on the site. Not only that, SiriusX will also provide other social media features such as SiriusX Blog, where by using the blog, users can upload profiles, share experiences about travel and share their important moments and can be used as a reference for other users. In addition, SiriusX will also give prizes to Blog site users in the form of SRX tokens, if the posts uploaded to the blog site get lots of likes, comments, and shares from users.

Of course, to create a technology platform that is sophisticated and can operate in accordance with the wishes of the users, it takes the main role of quality human resources, which without these qualified human resources, it is impossible for a SiriusX platform to stand today.



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