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All things that we learn now certainly require time and qualified knowledge to more easily apply them. As we know in formal schools someone only learns basic lessons that can lead us to get to know other lessons that have not been taught specifically. For example, in formal schools we only introduce what stocks are, along with their types. However, in general, it is rare for formal high school level schools to teach the procedures for managing and investing shares more slowly. At least we are more familiar with stocks when taking courses, or majoring in relevant courses. This also causes more and more platforms to be born that not only provide the facilities and infrastructure for stock investing, but also provide instructions or procedures for investing in stocks. Therefore from this time also has been born, Blockchain technology platform that offers a way to invest in shares with a different concept.

In general we know that shares are ownership rights of people in the form of securities. For example, if you build a business with five of your friends, and each of them has their own capital to invest, then later they will benefit according to the proportion of their respective capital, and do not pay attention to which party is most active or passive. However, even with a different level of capital and work effectiveness, of course, all components contained in a company can certainly have the same goal, namely to increase capital and expand business or market expansion. Therefore also needed a platform that offers all the facilities and security, which of course facilities like this are also available at Soraix.

Soraix is ​​a Blockchain technology platform that has an office base in the city of Zug, precisely in the country of Switzerland. Where the election of this country is caused because the country is a country that has qualified facilities, especially in the field of financial management and storage of valuable assets. Therefore of course this will further increase the confidence of the world community to empower Soraix.

Currently Soraix comes with not only the concept of investment, but also combined and integrated with a capable technology, namely Blockchain. The performance of the smart Blockchain technology, and the speed of access it offers, certainly makes the Soraix even more confident to implement it in order to increase profitability. Therefore, currently Soraix is ​​also conducting ICO (Initial Coin Offering) to further increase its capital value in terms of future project development. With the initial SRX token unit value of only $ 136, now based on official information obtained from the Soraix website, which is currently recorded at SRX unit value of $ 153. Surely this shows that there are more and more people currently has joined Soraix. In addition this also proves that Soraix has succeeded in convincing the world community to empower it.

As we know that profits in playing shares will be distributed according to the proportion of their respective ownership. Therefore to further increase the value of the ownership percentage, Soraix currently also offers the concept of equality in the exchange system. At present Soraix has a 1: 1 exchange concept, of which 1 SRX can be exchanged for 1 equity token that has a value higher than that. In addition, companies that want to join the Soraix investment world, of course, are not required to have certain ownership certificates, but only to have equity tokens. This certainly shows how Soraix builds its characteristics, so it has a high level of difference with other similar platforms.

The Soraix difference that he showed, of course, is not just to distinguish it from similar platforms. But also with conventional stock exchanges in general. Where conventional stock exchanges are very familiar with the terms closed market and open market, but the world of strategic stock investing such as Soraix, of course, is very unfamiliar with terms that have limited investment time. Therefore the characteristic presented by Soraix is ​​that it is not only intended to distinguish it from similar platforms or other conventional stock exchanges. But also to bring convenience and flexibility to its users.

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