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Today, trading is a business that is often carried out by some business people, this effort is one alternative in obtaining a profit in order to increase their respective financial coffers. Simply put, trading can be interpreted as an activity of buying and selling a number of currencies in order to get a profit. A trader called a “trader” buys a number of equity currencies at a certain price and can then sell them back when the price of the currency is rising. This is where a trader can get a number of benefits from trading that he has done. The advantage of this activity is due to differences in the value of the currency contained in a country and the price fluctuations of each of these currencies.

Seeing trading as an activity in the millennium, now has created a new trading platform based on sophisticated modern technology called Soraix. This platform is the latest innovation in the trading world that was born using advanced technology called Blockchain and using cryptocurrency as its financial media.

Blockchain technology is the latest technology that has begun to be recognized by world market share since its name skyrocketed in 2009 thanks to Bitcoin which succeeded in taking over international attention at that time. At present, Blockchain is a technology that has begun to be used by most technologists in the digital industry and is a milestone for the widespread use of cryptocurrency throughout the world. This is caused by the reliability and high quality that is owned by the operational system it uses. In this technology there are two systems that make it different from other technologies. These systems allow users of this technology to have full control in accessing all data assets in their possession without the acquisition of other parties and get a strong security protection with multiple layers of information verification.

Soraix is ​​a platform created from the idealistic thoughts of technology experts who have expertise and qualified experience in their respective fields such as Lucas Komarnicki, Przemek Plazinski and Patrick Kubicki, all of whom are top boards of this platform who have expertise and prioritize professionalism in launching its performance. This platform takes their basecamp in a small town in the country of Switzerland called Zug. Switzerland is a country that has the best and most stringent security regulations from various other countries around the world, especially in the financial sector. When viewed in terms of area base, this platform provides optimal security guarantees for all financial data stored on this platform.

As a modern trading platform, Soraix has provided a number of prizes to be given to their clients. Every trader who has bought a number of Soraix tokens in the first and second week of the ICO period that is being carried out by this platform will be given a bonus of 10% of the value of a Soraix token and will get relief in the form of a waiver of the additional costs they must incur at the time first purchase. Meanwhile, traders who purchase tokens outside of this period will also be given a bonus amount of 5%. For information, a token issued by the Soraix platform (SRX) is equivalent to the price of 0,00025 ETH. ICO which stands for Initial Coin Offering is a crowdfunding technique that is carried out by a platform by distributing or selling a number of their equity tokens to the public in order to develop the progress of the platform.

Not only that, Soraix has also offered another form of profit for clients who have collaborated with this platform by implementing a 1: 1 value equality system where a Soraix user can purchase an equity token on this platform using only a Soraix token only. In the sense of the word, a trader can buy an equity token by using a token from this platform which both have different price comparisons. This certainly becomes a form of profitability for users of this platform where they have the opportunity to reap a high price by issuing low costs.

Since its construction, Soraix has supplied 1,000,000,000 main tokens with 5% set aside for the Bounty and Airdrop program and 60% for tokens. The rest, tokens are provided for the advisors, teams and reserves of this platform. Currently, Soraix is ​​targeting their softcaps at $ 4,500,000 and hardcaps at a nominal $ 24,000,000.

The Soraix Platform is a trading platform that comes with a mission to change the perception of the world community about the use of Blockchain and cryptocurrency in a more positive direction.

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