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Hello everyone, this new post I would like to introduce a very interesting project and it is StacksCity , and for more details, let me just go to the following discussion:

I will introduce a project that will build a public WiFi ecosystem that answers the needs of Internet users, traditional businesses and companies that serve advertising. This ecosystem is an alternative WiFi hotspot system for typical public area systems. By providing a business center that is centered on human Stacks Routers and WiFi and bandwidth connections. This project is called Stacks which will later enable highly targeted location selection and target ad audiences for advertisers while directing customers to offline businesses. The router owner receives payment for display ads and Stacks receives the commission. StacksNetwork was founded in 2014 in Shanghai, and has been working with major telecommunications service providers in China, which offer enterprise standard broadband structuring services tailored for complex commercial matters; provides data transmission and data storage services to hundreds of businesses, including internationally recognized companies. Like, Netease, Huawei, Alibaba, etc.

With a trusted bandwidth network, IDC and access to national resources among different telecommunications operators, Stacks Network is very well equipped with adequate infrastructure and capabilities in R&D, to welcome, the coming era of the Internet of Things, which we believe in its base built on efficient, safe and smart data transmission. The Stacks City Project demonstrates our understanding and vision for the future, which can be realized by building smarter networks and transmission platforms and accelerating the process of integrating IoT technology in the production and management of companies, governments and other institutions. Only smarter production and management can make the future of cities more efficient, greener and safer.

The very fact of having the Internet at home is no surprise. There is, however, a question that is of concern to everyone: how good will the connection be offered to me and how much will it cost me? Using the Internet for free is not always obtained. In addition, we all spend a lot of time in gadgets, while being away from home, so we often pay for the mobile Internet. The problem with such an Internet is that it does not always work well, and at the price it is not particularly cheap.

Many people think that in any city there are many places with free Wi-Fi. In reality, it turns out that it is not always possible to use this Wi-Fi freely. In some cafes, for example, the Internet may be out of reach, and no one can tell you the password from the local Wi-Fi. And even there you will be able to connect to the network, you can hardly quickly send a message to the right person, or view the necessary information, since the Wi-Fi speed will be very low.

Surely you have encountered such a problem. The fact remains that our country has not yet reached a high level of use of the Wi-Fi network

ICO Details
Thanks to its own accounting unit, the SCT token, which is based on the Ethereum blockchain system, ERC-20, the StacksCity business project will be able to carry out cash transactions. The creators of the system plan to release 40 billion tokens for $ 0.001 per unit.

We also highly recommend that you familiarize yourself with the official Telegram channel of the project, which is available at this link. And also with the Telegram channel, where announcements and news of the project are published.

Finaly StacksCity , is attracts the growing interest of the global audience and investors! The company has very ambitious plans to conquer the market! I advise everyone to participate in the purchase of tokens!

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