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Information security is an important point at which anyone should pay attention. In this case, it does not matter where he works. Information should always be exclusively in the hands of its owner, and transmitted only with his consent. There is such a cryptocurrency that encourages people to use various technologies based on the blockchain. A unique project called Stegos is able to make new adjustments to information security and everything related to it.

The project is a universal platform based on blockchain technology, which was created to solve the problem of state supervision. As the developers themselves assure, confidentiality in the modern world has lost its unwavering status. Now, any state or commercial body with the proper level of connections can easily get comprehensive information about each person or company. That is why the Stegos cryptocurrency is being developed with the aim of giving people a chance to get rid of state and other supervision. Anonymity, centralization and lack of control are what the developers of this cryptocurrency appreciate. A distributed database will allow everyone to get rid of state and other control without any problems.

Thanks to cryptocurrency, you can get the following advantages:
• First of all, this is anonymity, according to which many proponents of virtual currencies say so.
• The ability to transmit any information over long distances without serious problems with the law. At the same time, information is owned only by those people who give permission for this.
• It is also worth remembering the presence of a mobile application, thanks to which any individual will be protected without problems.
• As soon as the mobile application loses its relevance, it can be deleted and a new one installed. Thanks to the distributed data, you can recover any money from a lost device. Of course, if a person has keys.
• Maximum privacy security through a centralized data storage platform. This is very important, since many government bodies in 2019 learned to control the owners of such popular cryptocurrencies as Bitcoin, Ethereum and others.

Despite the bright prospects for using various cryptocurrencies in practice, many of them quickly come under control. Of course, control is not as strong as in banking systems, but still, users of various cryptocurrencies have a chance to run into government problems. Speaking specifically about the methods of controlling the owners of cryptocurrencies, then it is worth recalling the technology of blockchain. It would seem that blockchain allows a person to anonymously control their expenses and income, as well as all kinds of accumulations. The fact is that, once they have tracked a person’s transaction, state bodies through the same blockchain can do this for a long time. Of course, it is difficult to collect the evidence base for instituting a criminal case, but there is such a chance. The Stegos project has certain technologies that can solve the vulnerability problem of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Thus, developers are trying to create a completely private and 100% secure platform for mobile applications. If Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are aimed at using with personal computers, then Stegos developers focus on mobile iOS and Android platforms.
Key features of this project
The main features of the project is the presence of various encryption systems, entirely aimed at integration with mobile systems. On the platform, you can create your own mobile applications with a sufficient level of audience support. Unlike Google Play and the Apple Store, the platform will support any type of encryption at no cost. Thus, they are trying to attract a large number of investors and various developers. At the same time, developers will come to the platform not only from start-up companies, but also from large studios.
The platform will allow you to buy and sell cryptocurrency, request payments, as well as monetize your own content sold through mobile devices. Unlike its predecessors in the form of bitcoin and the like, this project will be much more popular due to the following factors:
• Increased transaction speed due to the large number of blocks.
• Ability to create a decentralized network based on mobile applications.
• A huge number of unique opportunities to improve performance through virtual Cloud storage.
• Open source code that allows each person to use it at their discretion.
Cryptocurrencies have their own token, which attracts financing through trading on popular exchanges.
• Integration with other graphic projects will allow developers to implement payment in cryptocurrencies and fiat money at the same time in their games and applications.
Why is Stegos cryptocurrency the best choice for a progressive developer?
Among the most important, or we can say, the cornerstones of the use of this cryptocurrency, we can distinguish:
• Maximum privacy without the ability to hack an account. It’s not possible to hack an account because the entry point to it simply does not exist. Each person is tied to his own account, which he maintains.
• Absolutely confidential transactions. Many people remember cryptocurrencies called Digital cash. It was a special platform on which it was possible to exchange money without the risk of being noticed. So, Stegos continues the idea of ​​a popular startup.
• The ability to personally hide addresses, or open them at your discretion. This will allow a person to choose whether to be noticed or not.
• The basis of the transaction is evidence with zero disclosure, which is why the transaction confirmation process is reduced to minimum values.
• Various privacy protocols allow you to quickly transfer data and not risk using your personal address.

In addition, the company is going to scale its project to other markets, working with global corporations like Microsoft, Google, Facebook and others. The development is original, which is why many investors are trying to invest a lot of money in it, hoping for a big profit. Fast and compact applications are also a great use case in practice. Recent tests have shown that the application works well even on 2010 phones, which makes this software the most digestible and enjoyable to use.
How to use this cryptocurrency in practice, using a mobile gadget?
If a person has a tablet or mobile phone running the Android or IOS operating system, he must perform the following actions related to the use of this cryptocurrency:
1. First of all, you need to download the official mobile application.
2. The application downloaded to the phone, remember the person’s address, and also launch the site.
3. Thanks to the node, a blockchain will be formed, of which the user will become a part.
4. Next, you need to run the egalitarian proof-of-stake algorithm, starting mining.

It is also worth considering that an algorithm called proof-of-stake allows you to earn decent cash on passive mining. In other words, a person will not need to use various powers like a video card or asic miners. It is only necessary to accumulate a certain number of coins, as well as become an active user of the network. That’s all, nothing else needs to be done, since a cryptocurrency of this level will independently mine itself and confirm transactions. Cryptocurrency has a great future, which is why it is worth watching. For once, a project was launched aimed not only at making money, but also providing people with more functionality and freedom of action on the Internet.


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