The 5 Tips for Trading bot, which may help you make more profit!

As above picture shows, the trading bot in Picture 1(Arithmetic) with 4,000–6,000 price range makes +9.96% profit as Grid profit, while the trading bot in picture 2(Geometric) makes +17.67% profits as the Unrealized profit.

So Arithmetic Grid will make more Grid profits, and Geometric Grid will make more Unrealized profit.

Tip : Grid Trading Bot / Grid Trading Pro

Grid Trading Pro is the general name of Grid Trading Bot 2.0 version, which includes Leveraged Grid, Credit Grid, Reverse Grid, and Infinity Grids.

(1) leveraged Grid: Magnify your profit in the volatility market. Leveraged Grid allows you to leverage your investment in order to magnify your profits.

(2) Credit Grid: Mortgage your holding coins to make profits, and don’t worry about your holding coins to be sold. BTC/USDT as example, Credit Grid allows you to mortgage your BTC to borrow USDT, which finally will earn BTC for you.

(3) Reverse Grid: Sell first and buy later to make profit. The Reverse Grid is used to short coins that may dump, which works like sell first, then buy low later.

(4) Infinity Grids: Do the good performance in the up-trend market, and make more unrealized profit. Choose a low price position to create the bot, which will make more unrealized profit when price rises.

Tip . When is the best time to create Grid Trading bot?

Most shrimps will ask this question, of course this question is very important, because understanding how to create Trading bot and also running in the right time may help you get the good profits.

The best time to start the bot — low price entry, especially after a big drop! Remember not just to follow up when price up or sell when price down!

Tip . How to set the grid amount?

The max amount of grid is 99 grids. And the amount of grid is affected by many factors, such as grid profit rate, investment, currency and etc. For the top currency, the number normally is recommended about 30–70 grids.

Tip . How to understand Grid Trading Bot?

Grid trading is an advanced trading skill in quantitative trading, which is a long-term arbitrage strategy and also can help you control the risk. Different trading bot should be used in the different market situation.

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