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Communication is a name for social activities that enter into various lines. In every activity carried out, someone needs to make a communication. This activity is an intermediary for an informator to get an information from the informant. A driver needs to ask his customers to find out the destination he wants, a waiter needs to ask what the buyer wants to order, a seller needs to ask what goods his customers will buy. That’s a little example of the importance of communication for life in this world. In conducting a communication, each person needs a certain tool as a medium, for example, people used letters as a communication tool, then as the time of the birth of the telephone became the latest communication tool used by modern generations at a later stage. The point is someone needs a special media to convey all information to the informants.

In line with the cycle of times and the development of digital technology, the use of communication tools has become diverse. Today many people have used cellphones as a communication tool that is considered the most powerful communication solution of this century. The cell phone has a concise form and does not use a cable that connects it to the nearest communication line, and has a wider network and provides a variety of amazing features. Until now, many names have been heard such as Samsung, Iphone, Oppo, Xiaomi and so on, which brands are the smartphone brands that have the most consumers in the world.

As a result of the soaring popularity of Blockchain technology to the international world in 2009, many technologists are competing to create a variety of quality platforms to provide significant developmental improvements in the digital world. Currently, not a few idealistic platforms have sprung up due to the rise of the Blockchain name. So that makes the user must be selective in choosing a platform that suits the needs that he will use. One of the latest breakthroughs that is the creativity of the Blockchain technology collaboration is BOB, which is the first smartphone in the world that carries the Blockchain system in its operating system.

BOB or Block On Block is a creation of a database service platform called Function X. This platform is created from the work of digital technologists who are experienced in the global digital industry. In addition, Function X is also led by David Ben Kay, who is an expert in the field of investment law so that it has a potential impact on the progress of the X Function platform.

BOB, which is a mobile phone that has hooked up the Blockchain as its system, implements a unique operational system into its performance. This system is called F (x) OS, where the advantage of this system is in the form of a transition mode from the classic Android mode to Blockchain mode or vice versa. With this service, users who have previously been accustomed to using Android smartphones can slowly adapt to Blockchain technology. Not only that, users can also improve their knowledge of how the system works by a Blockchain technology.

BOB with various superior capabilities also carries a decentralized and encrypted system on this product, where all users of this smartphone are given special access to the cellphone that they have without any interference from a server that runs it, as well as the existence of multiple layers of protection of data stored . This is very different from the condition of Android phones in general, where all data transmitted on these phones only rely on one network only, thus opening opportunities for data leakage problems from users, as well as the use of privacy information by people who are not responsible. In BOB, all data transmission from users will be spread and stored on distributed network nodes in a storage medium known as IPFS and docker. In addition, all user data either names, digital signatures or so on will be protected with multi-layer protection. Where no one can access it without the user’s permission, so that with this feature can prevent digital criminalization that will occur on the user’s account, and can maintain the safety of user data privacy from digital criminals who are not responsible.

Thanks to the birth of BOB as the most sophisticated mobile phone Blockchain technology brought new changes to the development of human civilization, especially in the field of communication. To get this sophisticated mobile phone by pre-order, potential users can access this platform link at and then follow the instructions that are available.

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