The Parachute Digestive (mid November) – Lindsey Winder

Get your sweat pants ready. It’s almost Thanksgiving. That means a mouth full of Turkey necks, calm and totally normal political conversations with relatives you haven’t seen in a year, and a new chance to finally answer your aunts annual “so what is this bitcoin stuff, anyways?”

It was two years ago when the holiday bull run hit and oh how things have changed. We’ve seen companies of the future come and go. We’ve seen new money enter, leave, come back, and repeat. We’ve seen pivots (like our own) and blowups. Two years later and the world of cryptocurrency has changed full-face.

One thing I’ve always believed is that successful companies set goals, stay lean, and remain flexible. While Parachute has worn many dresses (lol) over the last two years, we have always been about making crypto currency easy, fun, and social. From Shawn’s early Parena creation, to the admin teams funhouse of puzzles, fantasy leagues, and game tournaments — we’ve always been just a bunch of people hacking together different ways to explore the things we love with random friends on the internet (heart heart heart).

As I write this, one of the seven Tip Room groups (large groups of global Telegramers that host party rooms using ParJar) just completed 130,000 transactions in the last 24 hours. Let that sink in for a minute. 3,000 people who love each others company have been in a hackathon of tips to see who can send the most tips to the the most people in 24 hours. I don’t care what high horse you ride, in the big picture of people using crypto to have fun what they’re doing is nothing short of jaw dropping. (Shout out to the TTR admin team!)

So…as we head into the last month of 2019, we’re having a good reflect on all this crypto stuff and feel more inspired than ever to keep making the simple things that make it easy for crypto to be social and fun. Shout out to all of ya and here’s the latest at Parachute…

If you’ve ever had an idea and wanted to know if its good or terrible you should read Intercom’s revisit of Jobs-to-be done. I’ve always believed anyone is capable of doing anything if they put the work in. If you want to get inspired (and have the frame to build something the right way) give this a read:

Actual screenshot of our VR think tank chamber

— We’ve added a USD conversion feature for tips

— We’ve added INE to ParJar

— We outlined the next ParJar product sprint that involves a no whitelist ParJar, new platforms, expanded account functionality beyond Telegram, and a new chain. (more details to come when these launch)

ParJar users: 24,000

ParJar transactions: 707,000

Withdrawals: 40,000

Deposits: 23,000

— Launching a no whitelist ParJar on Telegram.

— Direct announcements for all 25,000 ParJar users

— Reaching 1 million transactions in 2019

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