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Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) is a right owned by a person to the ideas and creations that they have created that are useful for human needs. The right of IPR is given by the government to those who have contributed and innovated to the development of the nation and state. Each country throughout the world regulates the laws of Intellectual Property Rights of its citizens by promoting their innovations to various parts of the world and providing the ability for its citizens to protect their creative works from piracy or the use of copyrighted works without the permission of their owners or plagiarism. Plagiarism is an act of taking work or the results of ideas from other people and make it look like private property and is also considered a criminal act that violates the provisions of government legislation.

Each country has its own conditions in registering IPR from its pre-residents. For example in Indonesia, for people who wish to register their Intellectual Property Rights, they can prepare documents such as Power of Attorney, 24 sheets of brand etiquette, statement letter, application fee and so on, plus the processing process will take time. For those who do not want to go through the document management process for a long time, of course they can use the services of a professional lawyer, but this path will certainly cost far more than the management with the previous manual path. And this is also an illustration of the difficulty of the management process of a copyright.

Along with the development of digital technology, comes the latest technology that provides facilities that are very useful for the operational processing of human activities. This technology is known as the Blockchain. Blockchain technology is the latest technology that adopts a decentralized and encryption system that functions as an operation for the global digital industry. By carrying out this latest technology, many quality platforms have been born that provide their best services to the smooth flow of the economy and all activities of the global community, especially those providing services in the field of copyright and intellectual property services. One platform that has this performance is Planchain. This platform is a blockchain technology product that has the most advanced quality in providing services for the management of copyrights and intellectual property.

Planchain is a platform that comes with a number of performance and profitability features for its users in terms of managing their Copyright and Intellectual Property. Every plain chain user can print their IP assets certificates permanently in Vechain Thor after they receive certificates from this Planchain Platform, users can add NFT (Non Fungible Token) from their IP assets to IP Vault assets to get safer storage or can also forward it to the IP Market to monetize their IP assets. It should be underlined here that the Planchain Platform has established partnerships with various professional IP management services throughout the world. Here users get the chance to collaborate with professional IP providers if they want to register their IP in one or several of the world’s official IP services.

On the Planchain platform there is also a “THORM” which is an IP asset market where users can monetize their IP assets around the world in other words they can trade their IP assets, get licenses for their IP assets and can even auction the IP assets they already have. With this market, it provides tremendous potential for its users in developing their IP assets to a broader scope.

The Planchain Platform as a Copyright and Intellectual Property (IP) Service Platform is also equipped with a mobile application called SNAPBLOCK where users can take their photos through this application. Every photo taken here will automatically get a license or certification from the blockchain as proof of their ownership and authorship. Furthermore, the photos can be uploaded to the THORM market to be monetized and users can produce “Non-Fungible Tokens” (NFT) through these photos. This feature is an instant feature that is owned by this platform that helps users in maximizing the processing of their amazing works.

Thanks to the intelligence of the digital experts who created this platform, now people no longer need to worry about managing their Intellectual Property which is full of time-consuming and costly things. With just one click they have been able to provide security for all copyrights they own and indirectly this platform has saved the work of the nation’s children around the world from plagiarism.

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