Token BattleHashes (BHS), from behind a veil of secrecy

At the moment our team is developing a logic for distributing rewards among BHS token holders.
Here is a small amount of information on this topic.

Profit from owning a BHS token

In the BattleHashes game platform for players, tables with various coins and tokens are provided.

15% (1–2% is given to the participants of the referral program) of the total winnings remains on the BH platform, this is necessary to cover the costs of transactions, servers, advertising and the BH team.

Also on the BattleHashes platform for games there is a BHS token (TRC-10) made on the TRON platform, here the situation is different, 1% of the winnings is given to the participants of the referral program and 14% of each winnings is distributed among the holders of BHS tokens in the percentage of tokens held.

Rewards are distributed every week, payments are made on Sunday at 11:59 p.m. UTC, if you registered your BHS address for example on Tuesday, the accrual of profits will only begin next Monday at 00:00 UTC.

To register your BHS address and make a profit, you must fill out special form and follow the instructions.

After that, you will see your address and statistics in the public section on web site battlehashes.

Important notes:

– For the whole week you can’t send BHS tokens from your address (you can accept).

– Rewards will be taken into account only for the amount of BHS tokens fixed on Monday 00:00 UTC.

– To register, you must send 1 BHS token to the specified address to confirm ownership of the address.

– Bots from the BattleHashes platform participate daily to actively support games with the BHS token, the bots also carry out honest transactions that everyone can check, and the holders of BHS tokens also profit from the game of bots.

– BHS tokens can be held in any wallet that supports TRON tokens (TRC-10).

The BattleHashes platform has not implemented any ICOs and does not sell BHS tokens.

BHS tokens are distributed through Bounty and Airdrop companies.

The BH platform already has an agreement on listing BHS tokens on exchanges, after the completion of two stages of the bounty.

For profit distribution, special addresses provided follow the link specified later, everyone can openly track how and to which addresses the rewards are transferred, the BH team and its addresses with BHS tokens do not participate in the reward program.

You can also track with TRON explorer any translations and addresses of the BHS team and ask questions in the official Telegram, discord.

Why such a BHS token distribution scheme is chosen?

Only in this distribution scheme using the TRC-10 token can a transaction fee be reduced, since on the BHS form the win is determined only by obtaining information from TXid, no additional hashing algorithms are conducted.

Refferal program:

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Handelsplätze / Börsen: | KuCoinBinanceBitMexBitpandaeToro

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