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Education & Facts

The answer is Education & Facts. To look beyond the surface of markets, price, greed and moneymaking, and money-losing. But why would somebody interested in a new economic system, in a new way to exchange good and service, in new values that create unity instead of separation, in circular economy, in not exploiting natural resources but in sustainable solution, why would such a true and honest human still want to look deeper into the eyes of crypto and Bitcoin? The answer is, because they still need money for their projects, for their eco-village, for their sustainable solutions, for their community in Portugal to build, for their conscious festivals to organize, for their investments in sustainability.

Bitcoin has been the best performing asset in the last 10 years. That’s a clear fact.

So what about education? To truly learn about the disruptive character of Bitcoin, decentralization, Blockchain technology and Cryptocurrencies can be a real eye-opener. It takes it back to the core values, and this is where the hidden pearl lies.

The true gem of Bitcoin is obscured by everything that is wrong with the old system of money. It seems to attract it as a true honey batcher.

So the art is to not be repulsed by this mechanism. Look beyond the allergy you might have for everything you judge and find wrong and that created the mess we find ourselves in at this point of time.

Bitcoin is NOT created in secret by the FED, it is not Xi Jinping‘s trojan horse to implode the FIAT hegemony of the US Dollar, Bitcoin is not brought to us by aliens.

Bitcoin is many things, and maybe the fact that its price is so massively manipulated is actually a sign of its freedom.

Core Value

The core value of Bitcoin is the creation of a peer to peer decentralized digital money. It is not owned by a centralized entity, government or bank, so its neutral. Once you join the club and have some Bitcoins in your wallet, it cannot be seized. People in Argentina, Venezuela and Africa that for some reason can’t have a bank account, can open a wallet on a phone and start crypto banking. They can buy Bitcoin over the counter. So it can’t be censored. Moreover, there will be never more than 21 million Bitcoins mined, a maximum supply, that makes it a scarce asset. All of this is quite revolutionary and pretty disruptive, to say the least. Bitcoin can’t be taken down, it exists for 10 years now. The last Bitcoins will be mined in 2140.

Old money jumping onto the Bitcoin wagon, its price manipulation, the dubious role of centralized exchanges: none of that really matters. It is fancy Versace sunglasses that hide the clear gift Bitcoin is bringing to the world. In fact, the more money exits the old system into the Bitcoin, the more stones are created for the fundament of the revolution of money we are in.

Why would you get into Bitcoin?

  1. You live in a hyperinflation country like Argentina, where money can decrease by 30% in one month alone. Also, your pension can be seized in times of crises. Bitcoin is a very welcome safe-haven currency, in some cases even a lifesaver.
  2. You have some savings or money, and want to invest. Bitcoin is the best performing investment in the last decade. Need to say more?
  3. You decide to educate yourself, you want to understand the underlying technological revolution. You feel a need to be part of the revolution of money from private interest and ideological motivation.
  4. A combination of 2 and 3

As a big monster of currency transformation, Bitcoin is sucking out FIAT money, eats it like breakfast and by doing so increases the safety and strength of the underlying network.

Don’t be fooled by its volatility, don’t believe what the cartels of media tell you about Bitcoin and Crypto. If you are really interested, try to look behind the whirlwind of $$$ surrounding Bitcoin, read a startersguide or watch some videos with true information about its potential.

When the storm of volatility is settled in time, humanity has inherited a new form of money, probably also a new digital store of value. In its tailwind many other solid tokens will be built, solving many problems. Some of them probably taking the place of being digital cash with great scalability and speed of transaction. Nobody can foresee how this actually will look like.

But one thing is for sure: the revolution of money will be much more disruptive and impactful than the revolution of information: the Internet.

New digital money has been born that is here for everyone, peer to peer. Wanna take a byte?

Lucien Lecarme, October 27th, 2019

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