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Let’s get to the obvious. Cloud mining has been synonymous with dialogues that contain phrases such as “it’s a scam!”, “it’s not real mining!”, “you won’t ever get your money back!”, “don’t do it!”, and every other type of verbal warnings you could think of. Might as well just hashtag Stratton Oakmont to any cloud mining post out there. But please, hold your perception and stereotypes before you start judging us in that same negative manner. The fact that we acknowledge this and are addressing this in straightforward manner can hopefully relax your nerves and place your quick biased judgement at ease for a bit. And sometimes you have to give a new nascent emerging activity some time before you write it off.

But first, for those unfamiliar with cloud mining, click here. We will give a synopsis of our platform later in this article.

And to most outsiders, still is considered a scam. How could one fathom money not controlled by government and stored on computers be considered what we narrow minded humans consider as MONEY. Cold, hard cash printed by our central bankers and stored in a bank is considered money right? Well the only reason why you don’t understand Bitcoin is because you think money is real. You think that the fiat money will hold in our wallets is real. I don’t want to go into a segment explaining this but to put it simply, the only reason why Bitcoin has value, likewise of our fiat money, is because of people’s belief in it. Of course, us within the crypto verse know this. That’s why we still believe in obtaining that ever so elusive dream of driving a Lamborghini on the moon.

(Figure 1) A Lamborghini…on the moon.


Until when price shot up in your face and made you reconsider getting into it. Kind of like when Jamie Dimon, CEO of JP Morgan, called Bitcoin a scam only to have his company look into creating their own cryptocurrency…

(Figure 2) Jamie Dimon flippy floppy about Bitcoin.

And what about this article titled, “The Rise and Fall of Bitcoin” written back in 2011…yes, 2011, and now look at where Bitcoin is today. Besides the obvious higher price, increased number of nodes, increased number of transactions, increased number of miners, increased number of people who own Bitcoin, etc., etc…

Yes, there are a lot of crypto exchanges out there. Yes some might be scams or more so just failed startups. But these crypto exchanges have been the main gateway for non-believers to get into the crypto/blockchain world. Trust me. Most people’s first encounter and experience in this field is through their first purchase of Bitcoin or any other crypto…ON AN EXCHANGE. Moveover, the exchanges are the ones actually on the ground grinding in promoting our space to the regular Joe on the street.

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