Calvaria RIA Token Presale Enters Stage 2: How to buy

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Keeping true to the spirit of the P2E cryptos, Calvaria has quickly entered the second stage of its presale. The presale is heading fast towards ending its second stage — leaving not a lot of time for early movers looking to invest in an innovative crypto asset. 

What is Calvaria token, and what the success of this presale crypto could mean for the general crypto market?

Play 2 Earn Cryptos Continue to Gain Respect in the Crypto space

The bear phase of 2022 made people realize they need cryptocurrencies with uses rather than just buying at low and selling at high. As a result, many utility cryptocurrencies have emerged in the market. The ones to get the most traction among them are the P2E gaming cryptos. It has one of the staunchest online sectors as a customer base – gamers – and the success of projects such as Axie Infinity and Sandbox is making more gamers pay attention to this niche. 

Since the beginning of 2022, there have been two presale cryptos within the gaming niche: Battle Infinity and Tamadoge. 

Both of these projects had enough mileage to become successful in the presale and are continuing to gain the crowd’s attention. Calvaria is the latest gaming crypto that will likely succeed this year. 

What is Calvaria, and Why is the Community talking about it?

Calvaria is a P2E card game where players must use their deck with unique cards with unique abilities to compete in tournaments and win rewards. 

Unlike most Web 2 games, where you don’t necessarily own the resources you buy, Calvaria allows players to earn and keep in-game resources and use them according to their violation. To earn these resources, players can either:

  1. Play the game, win battles, and exchange coins for resources
  2. Or Invest in the Calvaria ecosystem and become part of the project

Calvaria features different game modes to give freedom to players to choose their playstyle. The project is working towards a PVP gameplay ecosystem with players competing with each other and participating in seasonal tournaments. 

RIA: The Native Crypto Asset of the Calvaria ecosystem

The Calvaria project is powered by RIA, its native cryptocurrency that players can earn by playing games or investing in the project. These tokens are multiple uses within the Calvaria ecosystem:

  1. Governance: Governance is the main function of the RIA token as it is used to decide the future course of the project. 
  2. Staking: Investors looking to make passive gains through RIA can stake their holdings on Calvaria’s staking platform. 
  3. Participating in Voting: Members with a particular amount of RIA staked on the platform have voting rights. 
  4. Shopping in the in-game stores: New game resources will appear in the in-game store. Most of them would be ERC-721, NFT tokens that players can buy using $RIA.

Whenever players spend their RIA tokens on the Calvaria store, part of those tokens will go to the staging pool, while the remaining will go to the seller. It will keep the RIA economy stable and, thus, preserve the RIA ecosystem. 

Because of this forthcoming approach to P2E gaming, investors are bullish about Calvaria. These aspects are priming the project for success, and there is more to come in the near future. 

Calvaria Token Presale Enters Stage 2 

Calvaria, being a P2E crypto, has quickly gotten the attention of the crypto space, and the tokens started to go out as soon as the presale arrived. The project underwent a full security audit in the third quarter of 2022. Now, the second stage of the presale is live. 

At the time of writing, 1 USDT will net you 66.67 $RIA tokens. After the end of stage 2, the $RIA price will increase, and you’ll only be able to get 50 tokens for 1 USDT. Those interested in the project can connect their wallets to the official website.

Calvaria 100k Giveaway

Calvaria has also launched a large giveaway in celebration of its presale. Participants have a chance to win $100,000 worth of RIA tokens. To participate, users can go to Calvaria’s official tweet and follow the steps

Each step will give you a certain number of points. The more steps you complete, the more points you earn and the higher your chances become to win from the rewards pool. 

The $100k giveaway is divided into three prizes. The first prize winner will get $70k worth of RIA tokens, $20k worth of RIA tokens will go to the second prize winner, and the participant who secures third place will win $10k worth of $RIA. 


Calvaria is shaping as another presale crypto success this year. As a P2E cryptocurrency, it has major upside potential for those who can move in early – perhaps even make 600% gains, just like Tamadoge. Those interested must join the presale before the token reaches the third stage. 

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