ClubRare, the first full-stack physical NFT marketplace, expands globally with Ethereum network growth

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The e-commerce industry still needs help for many creators due to the high expenses associated with marketing and the costs of investing in infrastructure.

ClubRare is a project that was initiated to introduce Web3 technology into the e-commerce and retail sectors. The United States of America, Canada, Europe, South America, and Asia are all represented in this international group of e-commerce and Web3 specialists.

Numerous creators of physical products can benefit from the e-commerce environment that the ClubRare team offers, which is powered by decentralized technology and optimized for efficiency.

The goal of ClubRare is to develop a marketplace on Web3 that is focused on collectors and tangible items, become the bridge between the virtual world and the real world, and provide people the ability to determine their futures both online and offline.

Notably, ClubRare operates on the presumption that the individual (both the customer and the seller), not the intermediary, is the driving force behind the e-commerce business.

Phygital NFT Platform

ClubRare is a one-stop platform that allows physical creators to create physical NFTs with a single click, as well as metaverse connectivity and integration.

Collectors are at the forefront of ClubRare’s efforts to establish future commercial and physical distribution landscapes.

The platform, native to Web3, gives individuals more power by linking them directly to creators, connecting creators directly to the Metaverse, and connecting the Metaverse to the real world.

Beyond the merely tangible realm and the realm of digital, ClubRare is the industry standard when it comes to phygital marketplaces.

At ClubRare, collectors can interact with one another and with the artists and designers whose work they like.

Notably, community members can affect the ecosystem’s growth, win one-of-a-kind physical and digital prizes, and establish their presence in the Metaverse using cutting-edge governance protocols.

A competition to give away $100,000

In order to celebrate the completion of the global beta test for the first full-stack Phygital NFT platform and to draw in members for the initial community, the team is holding an event at the moment that will give away prizes with a total value of 100K USD.

The LP Competition event started on November 2nd. As part of the campaign, early community participants will get unusual club tokens with 100K USD. Additionally, the ClubRare Marketplace Beta Version 2 will be available throughout this month.

Furthermore, ClubRare Partners Day will occur twice in December, once in Metaverse and once in New York City.

Physical NFT links the real world and the Metaverse!

Using NFT technology, real-world items may be uploaded to the Metaverse, collected, exchanged, and even invested via the ClubRare platform, a physical network for trading assets.

Users can also upload their genuine items to ClubRare after connecting them to their NFT accounts. The trading of actual goods linked to the NFT is not constrained by location, time, or language.

Users have the option of receiving and holding authentic products, as well as earning income from the resale of NFT without really possessing them.

Additionally, the user-friendly website of ClubRare provides a rundown of the most notable collections, the most recent drops, and the collectibles that have received the most views.

Phygital assets are separated into categories ranging from handbags and watches to jewelry and cuisine, as well as art and footwear.

What makes the difference?

Club Rare earns 2.5% of the transaction charge, of which 50% or more is refunded to the user who used Club Rare.

In the end, Club Rare’s actual commission revenue is around 1%, and this portion is placed into the dev fund.

Not only does Club Rare provide e-commerce for non-fungible tokens (NFTs), but also physical craters. This platform is built on Web3.

Major partners for the squad include The Sandbox, MXN Holdings, Budweiser, MetaZ, Relevant Customs, Naeem Khan.

From Web3 to WebMe and beyond

The ClubRare environment will materialize as a curated, free-for-all metaverse place designed just for collectors.

Every person can personalize their metaverse exhibit, and various startups can advertise their wares directly in the digital shopping district.

Collectors can carve out a place that is uniquely theirs via participation in conversations with other members of the ClubRare community, access to unique possibilities within their Guild, and linkages with other metaverse platforms. 

Additionally, backend solution support is enabled by the platform.


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