Cryptos to watch: BudBlockz, Litecoin &Filecoin

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The cryptocurrency scene changes rapidly, with coins going in and out of favor and new ones being launched daily. Here are three worth keeping an eye on right now.

BudBlockz is the only new coin on this list, with its Private Sale selling out early and Presale Stage moving forward ten days to meet demandit is safe to say BudBlockz is one to watch out for. The BudBlockz platform is designed to support the cannabis industry through growing its community and partnering with marijuana businesses such as farms, dispensaries, and cafes.

It is also the first asset-backed NFT for marijuana products, with its native BLUNT token providing liquidity for its e-commerce. Additionally, token holders can buy percentage ownership of businesses that partner with the platform.

In contrast,Litecoin is practically ancient for a cryptocurrency. It was created in 2011 from a fork in the Bitcoin blockchain. It was initially developed in reaction to concerns that Bitcoin was dominated by enterprise-sized miners dominating the crypto market.

To address this, Litecoin used a different algorithm from Bitcoin, with faster processing times.Unfortunately, large-scale miners were able to adapt their processes and were soon mining Litecoin and Bitcoin. However, the coin remains minable and works as a peer-to-peer payment system.

Filecoinwas first introduced in a whitepaper in 2014, with an ICO in 2017. It is a decentralized peer-to-peer storage network built using blockchain technology on the InterPlanetary File System (IPFS).

Filecoin lets users rent storage space on their hard drives and get paid with the platforms’ FIL token. It is essentially an alternative to buying something like Amazon S3 storage buckets or DropBox space.

All three coins are incredibly different and worth keeping an eye on. Litecoin and Filecoin are relatively old cryptocurrencies, which also makes them established and well-known. What is interesting is that their current trading levels remain high, indicating they will remain popular among investors for a long time to come.

What is so fascinating about BudBlockz is that it has appeal across two different markets – cryptocurrency and cannabis. The platform allows people to buy, sell, and trade marijuana products using the BLUNT token. But that’s not all – token holders also have several other perks.

For example, investors wanting to purchase percentage ownership of cannabis businesses can do so using BLUNT in a completely secure and private way. This allows investors to gain exposure to both cryptocurrency and the marijuana sector, no matter where they are. With analysts predicting the industry to have a market cap of US$176.5 billion by the end of the decade, this will be an appealing proposition.

BLUNT owners and BudBlockz DAO members can vote on the direction of the ecosystem’s development and make proposals. They will also receive the latest information on industry developments, gainingmarket insights and potential investment opportunities.

All three coins are interesting and worth watching, but BudBlockz is especiallynotable. Its unique value proposition will likely result in it having a monopoly on the crypto and cannabis cross-market. Private Sales are already showing strong demand. Keep an eye on this space.

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