Decentralized Finance—EYWA on a Mission to Solve Existing Problems

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While the Decentralized Finance or DeFi space, as colloquially called, has experienced a massive surge in interest and valuation, thanks to the influx of multiple projects, a few problems still plague this billion-dollar market. These sticking points hound the growing industry, hindering global adoption.

From fragmentations between numerous blockchains and tools to interoperability, exorbitant fees, absence of cross-chain operations, and low blockchain throughput, these drawbacks halt the growth of decentralized finance.

The lack of a standardized approach to blockchain interaction which limits the use of decentralized applications [DApps] on multiple chains, is one of the other problems of the current DeFi market.

Is there a suitable solution?

Fortunately, EYWA—a cross-chain liquidity and data protocol—has been built to proffer feasible solutions to these drawbacks, thus accelerating the growth of this budding space.

The EYWA Project

As a developing project in the space, EYWA hopes to unite DeFi, therefore helping the industry reach new heights while preparing it for mass adoption. EYWA, according to the project document, is on a mission to make DeFi accessible to everyone, breaking the existing entry barrier.

EYWA is an ecosystem that integrates a plethora of DeFi protocols and blockchains, enabling users and developers alike to leverage all of the existing DeFi chains.

It is simply a zero-layer protocol for building and hosting cross-chain DeFi protocols of the future.

Advantages of EYWA

EYWA aims at offering users and developers exciting benefits. For users, EYWA will deliver a sustainable and viable passive income source through cross-chain farming. While swapping tokens across multiple chains is challenging, EYWA will offer seamless and fast movements of assets across blockchains.

EYWA will solve the cost problem by facilitating the efficient swap of assets of high-cost chains within cheaper ones.

Additionally, EYWA introduces rebates and cashback for users. They will receive commissions based on funds spent and referrals.

Also, liquidity providers will earn rewards.

On the other hand, developers will enjoy the instant and simplified creation of cross-chain pools. This liquidity protocol will allow you to create various liquidity pools through the EYWA DEX; Curve and Unisawp v2 pools.

Cross-chain bridges, calls, non-custodial liquidity, easy creation of DApps, and an open, decentralized system are a few of the other advantages of EYWA.

EYWA Roadmap

Like other projects built on the principle of sustainability and longevity, the EYWA team has designed a viable yet ambitious roadmap. From Q1 to Q2 of 2022, EYWA hopes to launch the EYWA Cross-chain protocol mainnet in a scalable manner. According to the project roadmap, the Cross-chain EYWA DAO launch, a private sale, distribution of tokens between investors, and a public sale will happen in Q2.

Q4 will see EYWA launch a Cross-chain bridge and an NFT marketplace. The team also hopes to integrate new blockchains this quarter.

EYWA Tokenomics and Validators Node Launch

With a total supply of one billion $EYWA tokens, the team will set aside 120 million for the upcoming token distribution in May. Split into four categories—strategic round, round 1, round 2, and KOLS round—-the EYWA development team will also reserve twenty-five million $EYWA for the public sale.

The idea behind EYWA is to act as a network of nodes charged with validating cross-chain calls from multiple blockchains. Running on the Roll-DPos algorithm, which ensures a higher level of scalability and security, EYWA will deploy nodes to validate calls in the ecosystem.

EYWA has simplified the node deployment process. According to the team, prospective validators will simply need to visit the project Telegram bot, click on the “I Want To Become A Validator” tab, then answer all questions. You will have to enter an Ethereum address and wait for confirmation to receive payouts.

Once the confirmation message is received, make a payment of 12,000 USDT for 100,000 $EYWA at $0.12 per piece. Thirty million $EYWA has been set aside for Validators with a vesting period of sixteen months. Alpha Testers, on the other hand, will receive 12.7 million $EYWA at $0.16 per piece and a vesting period of six months.

Finally, EYWA has integrated many features to deliver a veritable and long-term solution to all of the existing DeFi problems.



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