How I got +1481% $ profit in 2019. From A to Z story.

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Profit not talked out loud

I made $ 3.1k out of $200 only in 9 months. To make it work on my own, I spent 1.5 hours once. Let me tell you what I did and how, step-by-step.

Hello! My name is Alex. Over the past couple of years, I often come across articles, videos that promise 100–300–500% per annum. As they promise — as soon as I buy their best tool, courses or paid subscription — the money will immediately come to me! I am a pragmatist by nature and I know math. Therefore — if it smells like a fairy tale, I pass by. If something seems real — I look closely and check it. But I never pay in advance for something or buy these things and stuff. I argue this way — a professional must first earn his own business, and then earn money by telling stories about it. And if smb can’t really show his success, his real money in the accounts, so that’s the reason to think about whether everything is as good as he says 🙂 I don’t pay a dime ahead, this is my principle.

During these two years, I studied open trading courses and even traded on VIP signals for crypto. The conclusion is as follows — yes, you can learn to trade well, yourself or using signals. But if you want good profitability, then you need:

  • find good signals, so you have to sort out a whole bunch of it
  • then be sure that they will be good for some time at least
  • be online 24/7, don’t get tired and give up personal life

You never know if there will be a signal for a deal right now or at 3 a.m. , 1 for a week or 20 times today. In this mode, you won’t last long, and after a month you won’t recognize yourself in the mirror)

It’s unrealistic to live like that constantly, but I didn’t have a desire to go to work at the factory 🙂 It was necessary to find a profitable topic — not for a month or two, but one that would give an influx of money exactly and for a long time. At least 50, well, 40% per annum and so that there is personal time, time to live.

In January, I found a service that conducted tests and offered to join the trial trading. It wasn’t necessary not to transfer my money for traders, but simply to give special keys for trading from my account. Such a safe option is on all exchanges — regular and cryptocurrency. They promised to connect me and serve for free, and we agreed that only if they make a profit on my account, then I will give back % of it. This suited me and I agreed to an experiment. It took me part of the evening to complete the preparation, or rather 1.5 hours, just once. I do nothing else. Just watched, sometimes counted and once a month asked if everything was ok?)

It started January 10th. And now I summed up the first results. My starting $200 have now turned into $3’163 on my debit card. That is, the amount increased 15 times in 9 and a half months!

How did this happen? I decided to share this story with you.
I’m sure that it’s clear to everyone. Even if you haven’t heard about Bitcoin, crypto-exchanges and don’t dare to delve into this jungle — here you are reading the very necessary text 🙂 You are lucky because I’ll tell you about it from A to Z, what I did for it and how.
And I’ll give an assessment from 1 to 10 to all risks at each step. And in the end I’ll tell you how likely it’s to make money like me now.
If you already know about crypto you can read it right away from step 3.

So it all started on January 10th. On my debit card there were $200 for it.

Step 1

Buying bitcoin to deposit on my BitMEX account

you’ll need about 50 minutes

Do follow:

  • register on From October 1, there (and everywhere) they ask for registration by phone number via sms. It is quite possible to use your phone or buy SMS on a virtual number for approx. $0.1 on etc. It’s easy to do, you can find instructions on –Instructions section — How to use the site?
  • go to settings
  • and activate additional account protection (2FA, that is, two-factor authentication) — print or save one-time codes card in a safe place. They serve as confirmation at each login and other important actions.

If everything is correctly done, then now ‘Disable’ button is active (of course, you don’t need to click it now):

  • open Buy bitcoins / Quick Buy tab and set ‘USD’ + ‘all offers online’ filters
  • select the best offer according to the criteria: your payment method, rating and deals number with the seller, price. It is in that priority.

Don’t chase the price. Work with the seller who has 1000+ deals and a 100% rating, even if the price is lower by 0.5 — 1% of the best. Also take into account the amount of the deal, to which the seller agrees, it is indicated right there, in one line. Alternatively, you can conduct two or more deals with different sellers in order to eventually buy BTC for the amount that you decide to start.

  • Click ‘Buy’, carefully read seller’s terms and conditions — they’re on the right, and if everything suits you, write the amount in $ and tap ‘Send trade request’. Usually all conditions come down to: opening a deal, transferring money to the seller’s account without any comments of payment or special comment, clicking ‘I paid’ and receiving bitcoins to your inner account. Approx. deal time 10 — 20 minutes, but sometimes it can takes upto 1 hour. That’s ok.


Risk: 0/10 is a well-known and reliable decentralized exchanger, with a guarantee in the form of the site itself. For 1.5 years, I personally haven’t a single problematic case of selling or buying bitcoins there.

  • To protect your account well, take care of your username / password and one-time codes card
  • Sellers are shaking their reputation and won’t throw you, spoiling their rating from thousands of successful deals — please don’t forget that you should looking for sellers with 1000+ deals and 100% rating
  • Even if seller concocts a fraud, it will be difficult for him to do. In the event of something wrong during the deal, you’d write site’s admin and the seller has no way to regain bitcoins, they are initially in reserve at site (escrow). Also, site has information about income on seller’s card and will easily check the fact of your money transfer
  • Any service or website on the Internet may go offline one day. has been operating since 2012 and is considered the best choice if you need to exchange money for BTC or vice versa. We need this site only for the duration of the exchange, that is, for 50 minutes. The likelihood that it will stop working precisely in these moments and disappear can be considered equal to 0

So, about 50 minutes have passed, now 0.0318 BTC instead of $200 in my localbitcoins account.

Step 2

Register on BitMEX and deposit your account

you’ll need about 40 minutes

Go to and do a simple registration via your own e-mail.

Important! Bitmex is against the fact that citizens of some countries use its service — therefore, in no case for the first time or later don’t login from IP of the USA, North Korea, Iran, Cuba, Syria, Sudan, Venezuela, Quebec (Canada).

  • Confirm registration through e-mail link, login and get into the main interface. In the upper right corner there’s your account. Click on it, then click on ‘Account & Security’ — ’Deposit’ (on the left) and copy address through which your account is refill through. It looks like ‘3BMEX…’ or ‘3BitMEX…’
  • then return to Click on account icon on the right, then — ’Wallet
  • open ‘Send bitcoins’ tab and insert 3BMEX … address in the field ‘Recieving bitcoin address’. Type the maximum possible in the ‘Amount in bitcoins’ field, check whether everything was done correctly.

Click ‘Continue’. System will request a one-time ‘paper’ code, type it and confirm.

After about 30 minutes or earlier, your BTC will be transfered on your Bitmex account.


Risk: 1/10

It isn’t known of a single case of BTC loss during a transaction from localbitcoins to BitMEX — if only the user sent everything ok and correctly indicated right address to receive. Therefore, be careful when sending and everything will be fine.

BitMEX, like any site, may become offline once. In the entire history of crypto exchanges, there were 6 widely known hacks, while the number of crypto exchanges approached 300. According to statistics, chance to lose (and only partially) your funds is about 2 percents. At the same time, BitMEX is the largest crypto-exchange in terms of trading volume with a turnover of more than $ 1 trillion (!) for last year with unprecedented security measures, including a secure withdrawal of funds once a day at the same time. They haven’t stolen a single cent yet!

Since your BTC trading funds will somehow be on this exchange all the time — summing up all the facts, I assess the risk at 1 out of 10

After two steps, I have 0.0317 BTC on my exchange account.

Step 3

Connecting your BitMEX account to auto trading

you’ll need about 20 minutes

Now you need to go to auto trading service site and connect your exchange account with it via special API keys. How to generate keys? Everything is quite simple, please see quick guide.

Now we go to auto trading site.

Here are the reasons why their offer is good:

  • they don’t take a fixed cost for their services, in the form of paid subscriptions or something. That is the principle — as long as there is no profit on my account, they won’t earn anything. So their only interest is successful trading. That’s fine for me. By the way, free connect is forever — you’ll never be disconnected without your desire! And at the same time, you can change strategies, there’re several of it to choose! You only need to enter the promo code when you connect to get it for free. I will give it to you further in the text
  • if deposit is small, like my 0.0317 BTC, then fee is 35% of trading profit applies. If deposit is larger, then fee is less, 30 or 28%. Is this a lot? Other services takes fee 25 to 50% (half of it!) and they additionally charge about $ 50 as a subscription monthly
  • interesting fact: returns you part of exchange fee, which BitMEX always takes when withdrawing funds. That is, if you transfer service fee from there, they make a discount. Nicely)
  • according to them, profits can reach 250–350% per annum in bitcoin. Then, in January, I honestly decided to take their word for it. Now I can confidently say that I didn’t lose. But I wouldn’t just believe anyone now. I don’t believe all sorts of screenshots, pictures, simple promises bla bla bla 🙂 For me, there is only one argument — trading history on real funds. And if someone successfully trades, then he will always present you any evidence. Know that the only sure way to check the history of trading is to ask the trader for API keys to read his account data and do a check on any independent service. There’re several of them on the Internet, you can even do it on, in the Audit section. This service itself also provides API keys for audit, so you can realy see truth profit of its strategies. And as far as I know, almost nobody provides API keys except for them 🙂

So, you have ready API keys with ‘Order’ key permissions from your account. You will need another pair of keys, but read-only. It is created as well as the first pair, only select ‘-’ key permissions instead of ‘Order’.

Now go on site, Strategies section.

Choose the one that you like. Each has a description, indicated the real profitability. If you click ‘Audit online’, you can see profit and strategy deal real-time status.

All information is here so you can make your choice. The strategy that gave me big profit was a test, now it is called Extreme. Yes, the settings aren’t conservative, but the result is obvious)

Then goto Pricing plan’, here you need to look at all three available options and make a choice. In fact, what deposit amount you have — such is your plan. Of course, plans for large deposits have cool options, but the ‘Start pack’ is also good.

Have you chosen strategy and pricing plan you like? OK! Click Connect!

You’ll be redirected to Telegram — make sure that it is installed by the time. This is @x100btccom_bot. It will be the main means of your interaction with the service.

Let’s get connected.
Click Start-Account-Strategies, select the one you like already and click to connect for max time — remember, promo code gives you an eternal subscription:

The order with number appears, and you getting fields that need to be filled. So insert 2 pairs of the API keys you have. Enter ALEXXX100 in promo code field and see how the subscription prices are reset! So, that’s free connect 🙂

Please check it all, if you need to edit something, do it and click ‘Send’.
Your connect order sent! Then your account will be connected and bot will auto-report about it.

That’s all you need to do! Then you’re connected and trading starts automatically.
Bot sends you invoices several times a month. Invoices are clear and even pretty 🙂 Everything is clear in it and you’ll always will know how much fee you have to pay. Try not to miss invoices and pay on time. If one day you want to change the strategy to another, then this can be done in ‘Personal info’ bot area. There’re still a lot of useful chips, for example, BTC rate on BitMEX and Binance and so on. You should look at it yourself!


Risk: 0/ 10

About API keys. It’s important to say that keys are specifically created to give rights somebody only to trade on your account. It’s impossible to withdraw your funds by these keys (but you should strongly follow quick guide). Service trades on your account with it. And of course you don’t need to transfer your BTC from the exchange anywhere to trade them, they’re always on your account.
All this makes trading safe. API keys exists for distance trading.

Now is the time to talk about profitability

I counted it on the 1st day of every month. When invoices arrived (first test ones, and then ordinary ones), I paid them.

What can and should be done with profit? It would seem a stupid question — the answer is withdraw and spend 🙂 True, part of your profit must be withdrawn in order to feel the effect of successful trade. But I did differently in my test account — I left everything completely for trading.

Please see the table below, it shows all calculations and results. According to them, you can see the movement of money at any step, see all fees and rates, and also see profits in BTC or in $.

So, how I got $3.1k+ out of my $200? After all, this is about 1400% of the profit, and per annum all 1700%! It’s SCARY to see numbers like this and to know that it’s all on live funds, completely automatically trading and also service without prepayments! This profit is a gigantic figure.

I promised it would be an honest story? Yes. Of course, my profit could be less too. But how much?
We will understand
what gave these 1481%.

  • USD/BTC exchange rate. During the test, it grew almost 4 times, but then dipped slightly. As a result, it grew by about 3 times. This is a factor that shouldn’t be considered in the profitability of That is, it would be more correct to say “400% per annum in BTC,” rather than “1400% per annum in $.” Or maybe bitcoin rate would drop, you say. Or maybe it would grow even more, I can object. For example, as on October 26 it grew up to +37% !!! Which of us is right? Nobody, let me say that. It’s better to look at the course forecasts from those who have already established themselves as a serious specialist. And to know the fundamental factors. And — in short, I tend to believe in moderate or rapid — but still an increase in the rate of bitcoin.
  • Profitability of the bot. So without it this story is impossible. And as we see, it’s phenomenal. And more importantly, stable at a distance. Without strong drawdowns, the largest was 23% of the deposit. This is very bearable with such excellent returns. Even if we accept that the Bitcoin rate hasn’t increased, every strategy in 2019 gives a deposit multiplication of 4–5 times in terms of the year.
  • All my profit wasn’t withdrawn, but worked on. As I wrote, you don’t need to do like me. You need to withdraw and feel the money in your pocket. Given the withdrawal of earnings, we can roughly say that the yield would be at about 250% per annum in BTC. In general, everything is displayed differently. But in fact, someone doesn’t want to withdraw, preferring not to touch the profit and making this money work. Then you decide for yourself.

In general, the story turned out to be detailed. But it was intended. This is so that you don’t leave this page in search of clarifications of incomprehensible terms and actions. This is so that every person — regardless of the level of knowledge about the crypto and exchanges — can repeat this path, confidently and with minimal risks, if he considers it necessary to go through it.

I have over $3’100 on my debit card 🙂 2’900 of which is my reward for the hard work. My best way to earn money with cryptocurrency. And you just found out about it in all the details!

I’ll be glad if my story helps you.

Please write in Telegram if you got something to ask 🙂 @AlexronsonBTC

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