I have used and reviewed every major crypto debit card so you don’t have to!

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I used every card available to my area for 1 month minimum.






There are a few different options for the user to choose from. There are also a few added benefit as you go up the tiers. It allows you to continue to DCA in to CRO ([crypto.com](https://crypto.com)’s) native token. Rewards start at 1% on every purchase and go up to 8%. The rewards are in CRO. In order to get a card you have to have a certain threshold of CRO staked.

For this experiment, I staked $400 and got a Ruby Metal card. The Ruby card gives you 2% back in CRO and also reimburses your Spotify membership. You can withdraw up to $400 from an ATM with the Ruby card.

First, the card quality is really nice. I love the metal design. It feels very premium. It interacts with the [crypto.com](https://crypto.com) application seamlessly. The beauty of this card is definitely not lost on people in stores. This sparked up a lot of crypto conversations with various people in stores/public.

Secondly, the Ruby card offers 2% and a free Spotify subscription that is paid for in CRO. The great part about this is that as you grow your account, you can upgrade your card to Indigo or Jade and get 3% back and also get Netflix paid for. Feel free to follow the link above to all of the cards and their options.

Overall, I liked the card and the experience I had. I think there is a lot of really great features and allows you to spend your crypto through the card. I recommend this if you are a big [crypto.com](https://crypto.com) user and believer in CRO as a network.


**Blockfolio by FTS US CARD**


[FTX CARD](https://preview.redd.it/dz1ql036jji71.jpg?width=750&format=pjpg&auto=webp&s=99f16fa83183f9caad47f9b6812751112b9b538d)

The FTX card allows the user to spend any crypto they want using the balance in their FTX account. The beautiful part of the FTX card is that there is no fees to do this.

The card is plastic and does have a nice design on it. The card also has a chip and is easily managed right inside the FTX application. There is one caveat though. This card, at least during my time of using it, does not have any rewards. In a market where most of the other crypto cards have at least some kind of reward, I found this off putting.

What does it do right?

It is super easy and free of fees. There is also a really nice 8% APR on FTX. If you are a regular spender of crypto to fiat, there are other options that would be better. For the occasional hodler, this is a super easy, convenient way to spend your crypto.





The FOLD card. There are 2 different cards. The “Spin” and ”Spin +”.


This card markets a 25% to 100% back in rewards. The rewards are paid out in BTC. If you are wanting to stack sats in every way possible, this card is a solid option. I do recommend reading the terms of rewards though. It’s not just a 25% on every purchase type of situation. There is a daily spin that you get that can reward some extra sats, spins, etc. Overall the platform is okay at best. It isn’t linked to an exchange in the same way that the other cards in this list are.

The card came pretty quickly in the mail and allows you to fund your card with fiat instead of crypto. This card is essentially a fiat pre-paid debit card that rewards you in sats. The card itself is plastic and bright yellow. I honestly hated this card. It was a pain in the ass to build up rewards and an even more pain in the ass to redeem them. Of all the cards in the list, this one is by far the worst.






The Coinbase card is tied directly to your coinbase account. There is no staking or any barrier for entry. There is a waitlist inside the coinbase application. I waited for a few months before I was able to get the card. The card allows you to get up to 4% in rewards. There are various coins you can be rewarded in but if you elect to receive 4% in XLM you can change the XLM to any crypto for no fee.

The only negative that I found from using this card was the conversion fee from converting crypto to USDC. It’s not a bad fee but it is a fee nonetheless. The card itself is plastic and minimal. Nice Coinbase blue. You can add the card to Apple Pay which makes online shopping super easy.

Overall, I love this card and continue to use this card today. The integration with the Coinbase application allows you to seamlessly buy, sell, spend your crypto however you want to. If this card had no fees like the FTX card, it would be perfect.





The BitPay card is reliable, seamless and gives you a little more control. You can use BitPay as an exchange if you want. It offers you the ability to pay with a few different cryptos in an easy to use application.

The card is plastic in a nice navy blue color.

The biggest issue I had with this card/app was the amount of fees. This application is more decentralized so you will have to pay gas fees to exchange crypto. ETH fees being super high made this a nightmare.

Overall, it is easy to use but the fees and the lack of rewards make this a pretty bad card in general. There are just way better options.



I recommend the [Crypto.com](https://Crypto.com) card and Coinbase card above everything else at this point. I will update if I use any others.

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