Loans & BTC. Bitcoin will live alongside digital dollars, giving everyone the ability to save in strong money appreciating against their loans denominated in their country’s currencies. Formerly an option only available to those in countries with weaker currencies who were allowed to save dollars

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El Salvador is a great example of how it will go. It will live side by side of dollar stable coins to balance itself and bring the best of both worlds. Things will be denominated in dollars while people learn to save in Bitcoin after experiencing the difference between a Bitcoin savings over time and a dollar savings, allowing for people to take out loans denominated in dollars that their Bitcoin savings outgrows. This will allow them a savings that appreciates against their dollar denominated loans. The Bitcoin will even offer them collateral for more favorable secured loans.

It’s not even a new system. For years in other countries people with means to save in dollars have taken out loans denominated in their countries’ weaker currencies, allowing those savvy people to save in dollars that held value far better than their native countries’ currencies, giving them the ability to repay their loans with time once their dollar savings value outgrew the value of their loans denominated in their countries’ weaker currencies. This also allows those saving in dollars to use their dollars as collateral for more favorable loans denominated in their own countries weaker currencies.

It’s the same exact story between the dollar and weaker currencies living side by side today, but now everyday Americans and everyday citizens of the world have that option too, instead of just large players with the means to park their financial energy into stocks, bonds, real estate and bullion, or in cases with other countries with weaker currencies, the option to park their money in dollars.

But mind you, they’re dollars that are always at risk of being confiscated by their foreign governments like what has happened in Argentina and so many places before. They took every citizens dollar savings and force them to be converted into argentine pesos overnight. That happened to Michael Saylor; they took $1 million dollars of his in Argentina and forced them to be converted into argentine pesos, where they then lost 90% of their value after the conversion leaving him with only $100k in dollar value left in the argentine pesos he was forced to convert to and hold, out of the $1 million dollar financial energy he had before they forced him to relinquish his dollars for argentine pesos. This is why Bitcoin.

This has happened in America too. People born into the era of sound money saved gold while they took out loans in dollars, which prompted the government to confiscate everyone’s gold to save their dollar Ponzi scheme that at the time was holding an illusion of being tied to gold, which a lot of you here know ended when Nixon severed the gold tie illusion in 1971. You can learn more about that in [](

After that, American elites got used to saving in stocks, bonds, and real estate after realizing their gold could be confiscated by force at anytime like it had been before. So just like people in countries with weaker currencies saved in dollars, people in America started saving in stocks, bonds, and real estate.

You can see it today when you tally up the net worth of rich American’s and see that they don’t save dollars. They look for assets to park it into as soon as they have dollars in their hands.

Just look at Elon Musk’s actions after selling off the largest chunk he’s ever sold of Tesla’s stock, making him the most money in one year than anyone in American history, breaking the record for the most paid in taxes in one year. He’s now flooding that money into Twitter, trying to take over it at the same time to assure that his new parking garage for his mass sums of financial energy doesn’t collapse in on itself through its current shitty management.

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