Metaverse and Land in Metaverse Games

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Modern Web3 projects and metaverses are the future, and new titles keep propping up, offering something different. 

The metaverse offers us possibilities never before seen, as we get to connect in a virtual reality that’s more and more like our own. 

You can now buy land in the metaverse and use it in various ways, like having a virtual home, showcasing your designs or work, and much more. Let’s look at how this works and what it means for you. 

NFTs have proven to be a hit — you get to own digital goods that are entirely yours, just like unique physical goods people tend to collect. And the land in the metaverse is quite similar to that.

Due to the decentralization and interconnectedness of Web3 technologies used to develop these projects, you can own virtual real estate that can be used in any way you see fit.




The lands can be bought, sold, built on, and much more. We already have a lot of exciting projects and games that deal with this concept, like Decentraland, The SandBox, Aavegotchi, and Axie Infinity.

Both people and companies are becoming increasingly interested in owning these virtual lands as we are all aware that the world is progressively moving online and, most notably, to the virtual world.

Moreover, buying these lands is usually incredibly simple as various easy-to-get cryptocurrencies are used. Most metaverses also have their native tokens you can obtain and use to purchase land and other goods the projects offer.

In essence, anyone can own land in the metaverse, as countless projects out there are made to accommodate everyone’s tastes.

Massive companies like Nike and Adidas have made appearances in the metaverse with their collectible NFTs. Adidas even purchased some land in The Sandbox, while Nike partnered with Roblox and created a virtual land called NIKELAND where you can play sports games, get Nike digital merch, and much more.

But regular people can also join in through projects designed to help them get started in the virtual world and on their virtual land.

In CEEK, a virtual platform that lets you buy land and connect your digital worlds to the real-world economy, people can easily buy land and use simple tools to build it up and sell it later if they want to. CEEK recently made a land sale to attract brands, creators, developers, and others to join in and improve the community. 

Even though many of these projects are games often centred on males and their tastes, female players and creators can join in too. 

The founder and CEO of CEEK, Mary Spio, a deep space engineer and tech innovator, moved to the United States from Ghana when she was 16. Her virtual world is designed for everyone to enjoy, regardless of gender and interests. 

Virtual lands are everywhere on the web, and you only need to pick a game or another project that deals with them. You can pick any, especially one that appeals to a broad scope of interests.

Once you pick one, you’ll need to set up a crypto wallet if you don’t already have one. Ensure you get a reputable crypto wallet supporting the coin or token you want to buy.

As many metaverse projects use their tokens, you’ll need to get a wallet that supports them. For example, The Sandbox uses SAND, CEEK uses CEEK VR, and Decentraland uses MANA.

Land sales and ownership on these platforms are often made with the help of NFTs, so you’ll have to get a wallet that supports them, not just cryptocurrencies.

The purchasing is typically done natively on these platforms. Still, in some cases, third-party resellers are used, most of which are well-established in this space, like Opensea and NonFungible.

Bottom Line

Whichever project you choose to join in the end, you’re in for a treat. If you’ve never owned virtual land, you’ll enter a whole new world with ample opportunities to entertain yourself, create, trade, and much more.

This new world of possibilities is bound to develop further, with more people joining and more unique opportunities opening up. Whatever your interests are, getting some metaverse land will undoubtedly be valuable.


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