Michael J. Saylor’s Simple but Compelling Demonstration for Those Who Consider Bitcoin Risky. | by Sylvain Saurel | Apr, 2022

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The biggest risk for the future is with fiat money.

Illustration by Sylvain Saurel

Whether you’re in the Bitcoin world or not, the name Michael J. Saylor is bound to ring a bell.

Known in the tech world for a long time through his company MicroStrategy, Michael J. Saylor became a global star in August 2020 when he embraced the Bitcoin revolution as no other American business owner had done before him.

A former staunch opponent of Bitcoin, Michael J. Saylor dared to overcome his preconceptions and fears to truly understand the why of Bitcoin. This requires a considerable intellectual effort, which he was willing to make. Then he had to face the facts: Bitcoin is something unique. A monetary revolution that will change the world of the future for the better.

Michael J. Saylor was convinced of this, and so he decided to fully embrace the Bitcoin revolution by making Bitcoin the primary treasury reserve asset of MicroStrategy. Since then, Michael J. Saylor has been accumulating more BTC with his company.

Judge for yourself:

MicroStrategy has managed to accumulate 129,218 BTC since then. But don’t hold on to that number, because the company is still accumulating more. Michael J. Saylor has also embraced the Bitcoin revolution in a personal capacity, and he owns a significant number of BTC.

More important than the number of BTC he owns, Michael J. Saylor plays a decisive role in promoting Bitcoin. He spends a significant amount of time evangelizing the general public about Bitcoin and its importance to the world of the future. He also initiated the creation of the Bitcoin Mining Council to better address the false attacks of Bitcoin opponents on the ecological disaster that Bitcoin supposedly represents.

Whatever happens, he supports Bitcoin by explaining that MicroStrategy will remain a Bitcoin HODLer forever.

He proves with facts that his words are not just words. Many should take inspiration from such a CEO who will probably be remembered as the greatest CEO of the decade in 2030 when Bitcoin’s market cap will have surpassed gold’s market cap.

In a recent interview, Michael J. Saylor gave a simple, yet effective answer to those who still find Bitcoin too risky. Here is his response sentence:

“There is 100% certainty that you’re going to lose 80% of your money in most currencies over the next decade. There’s 100% certainty you’re going to lose 95% of your wealth over 30 years in just about every currency.”

This sentence is true and highlights the overrated sense of security that the general public has with their fiat money. Many feel safe with their US dollars or Euros in their bank accounts. These people don’t even realize that leaving their money in a bank account or keeping it in cash mechanically makes you lose a lot of money.

Michael J. Saylor does not lie. Consider the drop of a $1,000 purchasing power since 1971 and the establishment of the current monetary and financial system by Richard Nixon:

Buying power of $1,000 over time, 1971–2022 — Illustration by Sylvain Saurel

A staggering drop of 86.9%.

Still think the US dollar is safe and Bitcoin is risky?

It might be time to open your eyes to the flaws in the current system and understand the inconvenient truth that the educational system is doing everything to hide from you. At least do your research to try to understand this system. Perhaps you will then consider that this system is fair. I doubt it, but at least you will have done your research.

Generally, those who get that far understand that the biggest risk is not buying Bitcoin, but rather doing nothing, i.e., keeping your fiat money quietly in a bank account or under your mattress.

To give you an idea, to maintain the same purchasing power with $1,000 in 1971, you would have to be able to turn it into $7,098 in 2022:

$1,000 in 1971, adjusted for inflation — Illustration by Sylvain Saurel

This is something quite feasible for those who can invest the fruits of their labor in the stock market or the real estate market. But this is unfortunately not the case for the majority of people in America, let alone the world.

That’s why Bitcoin, which is available to everyone for as little as $1 (even less), is an essential option that will continue to grow in the future. Michael J. Saylor has hit the nail on the head with his demonstration which I hope will help new people understand that the sense of security that the current monetary and financial system gives you is just an illusion.

Then, you will seek to take action. And that’s when the Bitcoin solution will eventually come to you.


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