Ravencoin Price Prediction 2022-2031: Can Ravencoin reach $100?

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Ravencoin is a fork of Bitcoin that tries to improve upon asset ownership. The project launched on Jan 3, 2018, the ninth anniversary of Bitcoin. It provides an exchange platform that allows a user or trader to create tokens of any kind and quickly transfer the asset ownership to others. 

RVN is deemed super hot right now. This is just one idea, not investment advice. Please read more to know about Ravencoin.

According to CoinMarketCap, the live Ravencoin price today is $0.000060 USD with a 24-hour trading volume of $12,602.81 USD. Ravencoin Classic is down 0.33% in the last 24 hours. The current CoinMarketCap ranking is #1889, with a live market cap of $630,155 USD. It has a circulating supply of 10,500,633,341 RVC coins and a max. supply of 21,000,000,000 RVC coins.

Ravencoin Overview

Tokens created on the network can have any properties that the issuer decides. This means you could create a payment token or digital assets representing real-world assets similar to NFTs or representing virtual currency in a game. These are just a couple of examples of what you can make, but with how open-ended the options are, there are plenty more opportunities on the RVN blockchain.

Ravencoin is a blockchain technology protocol that allows developers and users to create tokens for virtually any asset. The Ravencoin token can then be transferred to third parties “Asset transfer” via the Ravencoin network – a fork of Bitcoin’s original code that, among other things, changes the coin supply from 21 million to 21 billion while reducing the amount of time it takes to mine a block reward. In addition, the Ravencoin project held some of Bitcoin’s features, including periodical halvings while transactions are validated through Proof of Work (PoW).

Much like Bitcoin code, it is a Proof-Of-Work coin. Originally built on the X16R algorithm, ASIC mining quickly became a viable option. The new mining algorithm, Kawpow, allows consumer-grade GPUs to effectively mine the coin while proving to be ASIC resistant to promote decentralization. Although it is possible to solo mine Raven, most of the mining is done through pools.

Although it is a direct fork of Bitcoin, Ravencoin offers differences for miners based on the CFDs. For example, block rewards are 5,000 RVN vs. 50 BTC, and block times are reduced by 90% to 1-minute vs. 10 minutes. The first halving of block rewards is in January 2022, with block 2,100,000. After that, each subsequent 2.1m block will trigger another halving. This puts it at around every three years.

Through Ravencoin, crypto investors and developers can create a tradable cryptocurrency that tracks the price of off-Price assets such as gold, silver, euro, and collectibles. These tokens facilitate and reduce the cost of trading the assets. Virtually anything that has a value can be converted into a raven coin through the Ravencoin blockchain.

Ravencoin is a very community-driven project. It’s entirely open source and run by community-led nodes. This coin doesn’t incentivize running a node, so it promotes decentralization. The coin never had an ICO, and the developers never pre-mined, so its launch was fairer than many coins. On that same note, the developers never held any coins, so the community controls the circulating supply.

Ravencoin Price History

Upon launch in 2018, Ravencoin’s team was funded by Medici Ventures, a blockchain-focused subsidiary of Overstock.com. Ravencoin was explicitly designed to create a mining ecosystem where the specialized mining hardware used for other cryptocurrencies-called application-specific integrated circuits (ASICs), did not have an advantage over your average computer.

In January 2020, Ravencoin’s lead developer, Tron Black, wrote in a post on Medium that ASIC miners had found a way to game Ravencoin’s original algorithms, giving them a leg up on computers with regular processing power.

To remedy this, the Ravencoin team further modified its algorithms. Even if miners chose to use ASICs, their hardware would be forced to compete like regular computer hardware because the creators specified the algorithms to be most efficient when used by consumer-grade hardware. This essentially evened the playing field-at least for the time being.

Ravencoin Technical Analysis

The current price of RavePrice is 0.05678. The price is currPrice going through a price correction that may last for days. The RVN price is currently below the upper band of the Bollinger Band, using the lower band as support.

Ravencoin price prediction by TradingView

The technical analysis from the above chart shows that if support at $0.05081 holds, the price might increase to test the $0.07845 price level.

Ravencoin Price Prediction by Authority Sites


Ravencoin Price Prediction 2022-2031: Can Ravencoin reach $100? 2

Source :Cryptopolitan

Ravencoin Price Prediction 2022

Our in-depth analysis based on RVN price history gives a price prediction that will suit investors. The RVN price forecast predicts the possibility of the coin claiming the $0.072 price zone in the middle of 2022. Though the current price is expePriceing a minor retracement, the Ravencoin price prediction shows that it is possible for investors that buy Ravencoin to experience a spike in price before the end of the year 2022. Ravencoin price prediction for 2022 might go up to $0.077, $0.080, and $0.092 price levels before December 2022.

Ravencoin Price Prediction 2023

Ravencoin price predictions for the year 2023 show a bullish trend. From our technical analysis, the RVN price is expected to claim a higher price zone in the first quarter of the year, though it may encounter some resistance before getting to the $0.11 price level. If the bullish trend continues, the Ravencoin price prediction for 2023 is expected to break the resistance at the $0.14 price level at the end of 2023.

Ravencoin Forecast 2024

The bullish trend in previous years shows more investors are trading the coin because they see the token as a profitable investment option. If we see rises in the coin’s trading volume, pushing the price up to the 15th level. Fundamental analysis also gives a Ravencoin Price Prediction for 2024 of $0.16 minimum price, a $0.16 average price, and a $0.19 maximum price level for Ravencoin cryptocurrency at the end of the year.

Ravencoin Price Prediction 2025

Ravencoin price research and analysis show that the coin will be bullish in 2025. Since more investors are joining the crypto market, we expect a price surge for the Ravencoin cryptocurrency. The RVN price prediction for 2025 shows the possibility of investors trading the coin at the $0.22 price zone in June 2025. If the investors keep their profit, the coin will ride on to its maximum price target of $0.27 at the end of the year.

Ravencoin Price Prediction 2026

Based on our Ravencoin forecast prognosis, RVN price prediction for 2026 tells us that it is expected to be a profitable investment. At the beginning of 2026, the RVN future price is expected to experience a minor price fall to the $0.23 zone before continuing its bullish run. If more investors see Ravencoin (RVN) as a profitable investment option, the RVN price may rise before the end of the year.

RVN Price Prediction 2030

Our Ravencoin price prediction for 2020 shows that RVN will cancel all zeros in 2030. This bullish run in the crypto space would earn more profits for investors that made the right investment decisions at the end of 2030 when prices claimed the $1.89 zone.

Ravencoin Price Prediction by Industry Experts

Even though there is uncertainty and high volatility in the crypto market right now, the opinion of well-known crypto experts and analysts would guide investors to make the right investment decision. Some experts’ views that could favor the conclusion of an investor are highlighted below.

From Wallet Investor’s Ravencoin (RVN) price prediction, Ravencoin might experience a minor retracement to a minimum price of $0.0499 in the next 14 days. However, their long-term forecast predicts a bullish run from now until the end of 2027, with prices claiming the $0.390 zone.

According to DigitalCoinPrice, Ravencoin’s price will price in 2022 at a minimum of $0.0696 and a maximum of $0.0794. In the long run, their forecasts expect the RVN price to fly up to at least $0.26 at the end of the year 2030. 

Stakeholders of the coin believe that a realistic price prediction for RVN to retain utility, as structured, is about $1/coin. A healthy return, for sure from where it currently sits. If the entire world decides to get behind RVN and its adopted as the world’s way to tokenize assets and also keep it useful and viable, we’d be looking at MAYBE $5 per Raven (which would be $2500 at that point to create a single asset, still may be too high)?


A long-term investment in Ravencoin RVN could be a profitable option since forecasts and predictions show the possibility of the coin experiencing a bullish run in the coming years.

Ravencoin is a utility token, not a store of value. Burn 500 RVN, and create an asset. Pretty simple when you boil it down. For RVN to remain a viable utility token, its price really can’t go that high, or else it prices itself out of being useful and people will find another coin/token to do what it does (even if it doesn’t do it quite as good, if it’s too expensive it just won’t get used). This in and of itself will suppress Ravencoin’s value.

So, unless you’re holding several million RVN, you’re most likely not making “retirement” money from it. The only things that would change this would be if the devs and community decide to drastically change its structure, which is tricky at best, or else it forgoes being a utility token and transfers to being a store of value (which again, it isn’t created for and if it shifted in that direction it would probably lose value anyways because it’s entire intended use would be gone).

Believe in this project, and invest in it if you do. Being fairly mined and no ICO is awesome and at the very least ensures this project will outsurvive many others. Holding 1,000, 10,000, even 100,000 Raven is not going to get you to and through retirement (especially after taxes, but still not even if you try to avoid them).

However, doing your research is necessary because of the market sentiment in the crypto space. Investors are advised to get themselves familiar with technical, fundamental, and sentimental analyses that will guide them in making the right decisions.


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