Summary statistics of crypto sentiment/adoption + Last call for responses

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Here are the response statistics for some of the questions. Here’s the actual [form]( if you’d like to add your own response. It’s only about 2 minutes long, and would be great help in furthering my story for my university senior project.There are few more questions and I’ll be sure to post more results to those over time. I’ll figure out an easier way to post the numbers because it was a real pain in the ass to format this.

# Are you located in the US

Yes 68%, No 32%

# How would you define your knowledge of crypto?

Understand the topic of crypto (BTC, BC, DeFi) 20%

Understand crypto and its applications 8%

Understand preliminary functions of crypto but not proficiently 32%

Understand at a proficient level 32%

Understand crypto at expert level with formulated opinions regarding the topic 8%

# Do you work in crypto or cover crypto in your occupation

Yes 87%, No 13%

# How long have you been actively investing in and following digital assets/cryptocurrencies

0-6mo 11%, 6-12mo 20%, 1-2yr 25%, 2-5yr 21%, 5yr+ 22.7%

# How have you acquired your knowledge about crypto

Friends/relatives 43%

Social media 46%

Forums/discussion boards 96%

News outlets 39%

Educational settings (university, etc) 16%

Other literature (research papers, books, etc) 61%

# What are the most significant barriers to mainstream adoption

User-friendliness 68%

Current Coins Offered 9%

Security 57%

Fees 36%

Feature availability (lending, yield, derivatives, etc) 25%

Customer service 14%

# Which exchange do you use now

Binance 41%

FTX 14%

Coinbase 71%

Kraken 27%

KuCoin 9%

Gemini 21% 25%

# What mattered most when choosing the exchange you use now

Ease of use 35%

Number of coins offered 26%

Security 9%

Fees 9%

Geographic availability 9%

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